Ethiopian Government’s Use of Covid-19 Pandemic as a Political Weapon to Punish Citizens .

Ethiopia: – Government’s Use of Covid-19 Pandemic as a Political Weapon to Punish Citizens in Sidama and Oromia.

By Denboba Natie, Edinburgh, Scotland | August 26, 2020
The Case of The Oromo Nation
Since the early 2018’s political change that has resulted from the huge sacrifices of predominately the Oromo youth known as ‘Qeerroo/Qarree’ and all nations’ peoples such as Sidama, Ogadenia, Gambella, Wolayta, Konso, Shakacho, Agew, Qimant, and various nations in general; the Ethiopia’s PM who has grabbed power and his unionist associates have shown their hatred of the Ethiopian nations and peoples who aspire for genuine federalism and self-rule. Using government-owned Medias, the ruler and his unionist advisers are demonising and vilifying day out day in -all those individuals and nations demanding their rights to be respected. The Oromo stands at the forefront!
Inconsistent with his policy direction and promises to his >75% subjects, the new PM became such untrustworthy figure proving his being good for nothing, but self-promotion and egoist indulgence in narcissist ideas in the name of Ethiopian unity and its tarnished stories. In particular, the enmity of the PM and his behind the scene unionist architects from the palace to the Oromo nation primarily and to the rest nations and peoples prove his flaws in his politics and failed unionist project. Therefore, he and his advisers decided to cross redline by taking malicious action against a peaceful Oromo human rights activist who had no gun in his hand, but the truth and unshakable belief in the equality of his Oromo nation. They have decided to wreak havoc and blame innocents.
This is why the PM’s far right ultra-unionist regime has politically masterminded the assassination of the Oromo’s prominent singer and powerful human rights activist, the 34 years old ‘ Hacaaluu Hundeessa’ by a hired possible Eritrean assassins – on June 29, 2020 to cause national revolt and anger among the Oromo nation and their supporters.
The assassination further has created conducive atmosphere for the regime to change Oromia to a war Zone – where citizens are increasingly dehumanised; women and men are ganga-rapped by Abiy’s Neftegna and the hired Eritrean assassins. Oromia is under series of mass executions as the regime’s military, Special Forces, security personnel and the Eritrean assassins mass murder the Oromo civilians enjoying impunity.
In the contrary, Hacaaluu’s assassination has pleased the unionists who have officially chanted ‘we have got rid of Hacaaluu-only Jawar remains’. The assassination has been executed with grand objective of eliminating of all prominent Oromo’s political figures whose peaceful struggle has caused serious concern to the grandiose PM and his unionist advisers-both feared the powerful surges of support for the Oromo opposition groups such as OLF and the rest.
These surges has posed serious threat to their authoritarian rule hence masterminded the current havoc and blame the Oromo nation and their politicians.
Hacaaluu’s assassination has been meticulously planned and executed. The outcome was also a pre-planned. As per their plan on the elimination of all Oromo politicians, they rounded them up without any warrant to keep thousands of them jailed since the 30th of June 2020. Between 30,000 and 40,000 Oromo are arrested throughout the Oromia national state to remain dangerously exposed to Covid-19 pandemic in a situation where over 30 people or more are fumigated in a room not larger than 4×4 meter; others in school halls and various oversaturated places unsuitable for controlling the spread of Covid-19 and other contagious diseases. It is Adiy’s Covid-19 war on Oromo nation.
The Case of The Sidama Nation
Similar scenario has unfolded in Sidama since the current PM hijacked the Oromo revolution. In June 2018, his security and special forces- mainly using Wolayta and the other subservient SEPDM’s cadres (Neftegan behind) planned unrest in Sidama land- during the time the Sidama nation was planning to demand its rights to regional self-rule. During the June 2018 Sidama Fichchee (New Year) celebration they created unrest and executed over 67 Sidama civilians in Hawassa and Shamana market where government operatives used a hand grenade to execute over 22 people by wounding further 112 civilians. Related to this, the regime has also arrested over 120 innocent Sidama individuals and politicians who are to date languishing in various prisons. As they are demonising the Oromo nation, they have equally demonised the Sidama during this period and the subsequent time using various national and Diaspora operated Medias such as G7’s ESAT to date proving its being venomous to the ideals of equality and fraternity of the nations and peoples of the empire.
During the indicated time, Abiy’s unionist regime has also created fictitious video depicting the Sidama youth burning Wolayta man alive as they have recently created fake news about the Oromo’s youth’s slaying of ethnic Amhara women who has actually died of the natural cause months ago. Doing so remains in Sidama peoples living memory how these unionists become subhuman to get on their own way by dehumanising their subjects. To the contrary, to this date, none of the unionist Medias speaks about the heart wrenching execution of the two Sidama College students in Wolayta Sodo who were thrown to their death from the third floor by Wolayta thugs agitated by the indicated fake videos and the other anti-Sidama propaganda- the same with the current anti-Oromo massive national and global campaign.
Furthermore, as the Sidama nation has exhausted its peaceful constitutional prerequisites, the government has failed its duty of conducting referendum.
The failure of the nation to receive positive response from Abiy’s regime that has remained silent during nation’s breath taking peaceful struggle demanding it to conduct referendum; the Sidama has decided to declare its regional state on 11/11/11 (Geez or Habesha Calendar) or on 18 July 2019 GC. Instead of peacefully engaging with the nation- a well prepared Colonel Abiy’s ultra-unionist army and Special Forces have executed over 174 Sidama youth by arresting between 5,500 and 7,000 Sidama intellectuals organised under the title ‘Ejjeetto’ (a traditional name ascribed to the heroes who selflessly defend the interest of the nation).
During the days leading to 11/11/11, the regime has fully militarised Sidama land and organised assassins and well oriented gangs ready to be dispatched to wreak havoc by attacking non-Sidama individuals or groups who have peacefully lived in Sidama land for several decades and by burning Orthodox churches; to put the blame on Sidama Ejjeetto as it is the case in Oromia where the regime commits crime on non-Oromo living in Oromia and puts the blame on Oromo Qeerroo.
As indicated above, thousands of Sidama were unlawfully incarcerated although the Sidama nation has continued with its fight for just cause until the nation snatched it from the hands of its oppressors. The current cadres installed in Sidama’s hard earned regional state are the puppets of this criminal regime and most of the Sidama Ejjeetto prisoners were leased under the conditions they never participate in any political activities but PP. About 350 Sidama prisoners to date remain incarcerated. Some of them were incarcerated in Hadya Zone over 200 km away from the Sidama land and the others were taken to the border between Ethiopia and Sudan (Humera) until they were brought back at the of July 2020.
After the spread of Covid-19 has become apparent, those all prisoners are brought to Sidama land (Hawassa central prison) where they are put at risk. Between the 20th and 21st of August 2020, over 200 Sidama civilians out of the 350 were tested positive for Covid-19. There are more serious risks as these have got their families from whom they communicate and send and receive food stuff, risking them all. The Sidama’s new regional state cadre has ordered all Doctors not to breathe a single word about the level of Covid-19 pandemic among the Sidama prisoners.
Additionally, after the announcement of the Covid-19 pandemic, Abiy’s regime has rounded all street children up from Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) to dump them in Sidama’s various towns including in Hawassa (claiming they all were from the south). This is also the case in Oromia.
Therefore, the Ethiopia’s colonel Abiy’s regime is using Covid-19 as a political weapon to punish the Oromo and the Sidama nations. This must be clear to the international community obliviously sponsoring with aid money and watching as tragedy after tragedy unfold in this God-forsaken Abyssinian empire where irreconcilable and conflicting narratives and historical interpretations cause further uncertainty. The international funders of this barbaric regime will be held into account for their actions. The Oromo and the Sidama as well as the other oppressed nations and political south must be united to stop the current political strides toward monarchical absolute rule in the 2st century where people never stop demanding equality and self-rule.
Abiy Must Go!!
Free All Oromo and Sidama prisoners!
Free All Political Prisoners in Ethiopia!
Stop Using Covid-19 as a Political Weapon in Oromia and Sidama!

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