Ethiopian governor warns against renewed conflict along Eritrean border

Ethiopian governor warns against renewed conflict along Eritrean border

Ethiopia, Eritrea reopen border points for first time in 20 years. Photo : REUTERS
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (ADV) – The air still panicky in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region over successful attempts by youths who blocked several military trucks from demobilizing from the border with Eritrea.

Reports said on Wednesday the youth had successfully blocked the Ethiopian Army trucks over fear of insecurity from Eritrea security operatives.

The Ethiopian youths turned out in dozens and managed to block the systematic demobilization of the army after nearly two decades as agreed between the two erstwhile antagonist states.

Dr Debretsion Gebremichael, leader of Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region told reporters in the northern state capital of Mekelle, that the situation could lead to conflict.

It can be recalled that a peace deal in Asmara in July 2018 with Eritean under the aegis of the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had agreed on a troop withdrawal plan.

After that landmark agreement border crossings between the two countries had resumed first in September 2018.

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