Ethiopian Prosperity Party (EPP): Eye-Catching Name, Unattainable Promises

Ethiopian Prosperity Party (EPP): Eye-Catching Name, Unattainable Promises

Worku Burayu (PhD)

The attempt for creation of EPP has exposed political immaturity of Abiy Ahmed’s advisers, followers and his bodged philosophy, Medemer. EPP’s is fate is not different from that of CUD. Dead on arrival

Summary: Ethiopian Prosperity Party (EPP) is a child in law of Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (Amharic: ኢዜማ, ezema), who in turn is a child of the defunct “Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD), aka Kinijit. It was the day EPP created that the Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) died. ODP members, accept my condolences for your untimely loss.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has conveyed a message about the merger of major and support parties of Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) in Amharic language which is completely different from his message in Oromo language. Changing the name from the stinky EPRDF to romantic and cosmetic EPP, can’t bring trust to the system or to the Prime Minster. Eye-catching political party name can’t get us pleasant fragrance without relevant experiences and actions. Without even entering to pre-school politics, ODP died at its infant stage. With EPP in action, ODP and its members will never be the same and nor be the Oromo party. It was the day the name OPDO gone forever from Oromo mind, but its negative impact remained painful. Now, Oromo has a legal and moral ground to disregard EPP and stand by the political organizations who stand for his cause.  If someone trying to talk about ODP, ask him/her “where were you the day Abiy Ahmed killed the ODP?

PM Abiy is the New Getachew Assefa: A good student is as smart as or better than his teacher in both positive and negative thinking. Abiy who was a good student of Meles Zenawi and Getachew Assefa is outsmarted his masters by quadrupling the actions to destroy Oromo assets including Oromuummaa, Sabbonummaa, Oromo culture and Oromo language. He pretends to love Oromo, but he betrayed and is trying to tear apart what Oromo’s have so far achieved. The promises he made to answers the basics questions of Oromos so far are almost empty and without substance that can’t be measured. The making and unmaking of new names after names can’t hide the PM’s evil intention. Abiy revealed himself rightly where he belonged: in the King of Kings club. I can say boldly, the New Getachew Assefa is Abiy Ahmed himself. Don’t believe Abiy’s say; his behavior doesn’t coincide to his say. He is the one who was facilitating the killings of Comrade Lagasse Wogi and is now trying desperately to kill Lagasse’s children such as Jaal Golichaa, Marro, Gamachuu, Sangi, and many others. No single major event whether it is assassination attempt or killing could occur without the direct or indirect knowledge of Prime Minister.  Just pay attention, the killing, assassination attempt, and major military actions occurred when prime minister leave the country for visit or other purposes. Now, to make the unlawful party (EPP) acceptable among Oromo society, PM Abiy and his security, military and political institutions have intensified multi-faceted and very synchronized campaigns against Oromo in general, and Oromo politician, activist, students and professional in particular. He has spending millions and millions of Taxpayers money to implement his immoral movements. The most important actions are:

  1. The killing and arrest of Oromo students in Universities in Amhara region is increasing;
  2. Organizing ignorant individuals and supporting them with millions of money to protest against prominent activist, Jawar Mohammed, here in the North America is intensified;
  3. Killing, arresting, harassing and intimidating of Oromo youth (QEERROO) all over Oromia is escalating;
  4. Closing OLF office and arresting its members continued at alarming rate;
  5. Terrorizing Oromo civilians in major cities climaxed;
  6. Intimidating, indiscriminately killing, abusing and raping activities by Command Post in Wollega, Guji, and Borana became unprecedented;
  7. Instigating conflict between Oromo and Amhara is rising.  Why now? Who organize them? What is the Role of Abiy and its cabinet in the making?

The protest against Jawar is the protest against Oromo and its causes: Is someone surprised when illiterate insult and protest against individual? Of course not. Ignorant individuals who exist in the USA and who have never protested a single day against the dictatorial regime in Ethiopia are now insulting the renown human rights and political activist Jawar Mohammed and the Oromo society he belongs to. They are ignorant, because they haven’t educated themselves about equality, truthfulness, and the power of credible information in spite of plenty of opportunities in the USA. Jawar is an individual who has no political power in Ethiopia. Insulting an individual and a society he belongs to, showed evidently their backwardness and bad attitudes and behaviors towards that society. Here is what they don’t know: The more they push Jawar Mohammed to the margin, the more they make him lovable, the more they make him millionaire, and the more they drive Jawar and Oromo people to the cause of Independent Oromia. Without spending a penny, Jawar got a marketing promotion from unprofessional but shouting dudes. I don’t know how Jawar Mohammed pay them back for their unknowingly publicizing him. Despite the fact that they were chanting and insulting him and the Oromo people, a smart gentleman permitted the protest to be aired on “his own TV,” OMN. A native American who was my work colleague, called and asked me to know if Jawar Mohammed is the Ethiopian PM or President. First, I thought he was confused with the name Abiy Ahmed. Later on, he made clear. “He was here in USA two days ago and there was protest against him with a language I didn’t understand,” he explained. Okay, “he is a prominent politically influential activist but without political power of that country,” I answered. “A protest against individual?” he surprised! “Because they are illiterate, they are being used by fearmongering politicians and the present Ethiopian government, but they are also victim of politicians,” I replied. Who are behind such imprudent actions? It is organized, government supported and resourceful entities that have long term objectives to hinder Oromo interest and its existence. Many of us have different views from Jawar’s. I, myself didn’t like some of his attitudes, particularly regarding his approaches anti Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and Oromo Liberation Army (OLA). I wrote a couple of articles on the Oromo concern to be addressed by Jawar regarding his attitudes towards OLA. I don’t hesitate, however, to tell the truth this gentleman has: Protest Jawar as a terrorist and anti-Ethiopians or Orthodox Christian is simply an absurd. In actual case, Jawar represents the diversity of that country in all standards more than anyone who protesting against him. The big problem with the so-called Ethiopian unity camp is, they undermined individuals who try to work with them. In our lifetime we saw many instances. For the sake of that country, Obbo Lencco Lataa, Dr. Mararaa Gudinaa, and activist Jawar Mohammed are few of alive Oromos who have been trying to work with this camp and do their best for the betterment of the country by committing their time and resources but failed miserably. Even the organization they fear most, the OLF, tried to work many times with this group without success. Once again, this reminded us what a prominent politician Lencco Lata said in 1992, “Trying to Work with Habasha failed for the third time.”  Every time you become closest to them and trying to harmonize things, they consider as if you lack confidence and dishonored you where your positive approach become a futile exercise.

In our present situation, there are many interrelated institutions supported by PM Abiy and his special cliques in the name of political party, activist groups and medias. National Movement of Amhara aka ABIN, Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (EZEMA), Addis Ababa Baladera Council (BALADERA) and media like ESAT are some of them. BALADERA has a political agenda to campaign against Oromo youth (QEERROO) while organizing group such as “Satanaw” in main cities of Oromia including Finfinne, DireDawa, Jimma, Adaama etc. that stand against the Oromo interest. ABIN with the knowledge of ADP and ODP organize and arm the rural populations of Amhara and deploy to cities like Adaama, Fanttalle, Kamisse, Wanbara and others when any peaceful protest occur to terrorize the Oromo society. For instance, any wise person who listened to Adaama mayor during the recent protest can easily recognize such dangerous conditions, where armed tugs came from neighboring regional State to disrupt the peaceful protest and injured many unarmed civilians. EZEMA’s leaders, put effective plan, organize and oversight the implementation of all activities. Dr. Birhanu Nega and Andargachew Tsighe clearly indicated that their program is implemented at a faster rate than they expected by Abiy government. The former told and warning us, in his recent talk, he can dispatch his archived armed personnel if it is necessary to control the situation in Ethiopia. Unknowingly, he hinted a secret that he has armed fighters, while Abiy and its cabinet told us there has been no armed group except OLA in Ethiopia. Andargachew revealed that he has provided political roadmap to Abiy’s government, because the later has no one. Members of ODP and Abiy haven’t disprove this allegation.  The Military ranking positions of Ethiopia is already overtaken by EZEMA affiliated individuals, led by Lamma and terrorize Oromos in all possible means in Universities, Cities, and Zones such as Wollega, Guji, Borana, Kamisse and Central Shoa. ABIN, EZEMA and BALADERA fully supported by PM, ADP and ODP.

We have been hearing cheap and cheating words from the prime minister. He says much and make promises he has no intention of keeping on a daily basis. Don’t fool yourself! Changing names from EPRDF to eye-catching EPP name will not achieve your promises without any differences in action. Your actions conflict your verbal commitments. People want to have a leader whom they can admire that fulfills their common goals. You are not one of them. Oromo already learn about your true character by watching your behaviors and attitudes toward the Oromo people. Prime Minister Abiy: Oromo People may not tell you how they feel about you, but they always show you. Pay attention.

Horaa Bulaa

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  1. With the dellala/retailer Alibaba Group penetrating the Ethiopian market the whole Ethiopian public except the bandas are at a huge risk of loosing any last hope they had to prosper. Amara region officials need to pay attention and have a say about the federal government actions in regards to business Giants such as Alibaba Group.

    All leaders starting from Tamrat Layne the “politician” until Abiy Ahmed the “politician”, they all worked for personal wealth accmulation by selling out national interests.

    In Ethiopia Antitrust laws are not in existance not because the antitrust laws are not needed by the people, the antitrust laws do not exist just so the politicians keep selling out Ethiopia for international delalas monopolizers .

    Now Alibaba Group the retail giant got the green light from PM Abiy to sell electronics in Ethiopia, soon Alibaba Group will sell all products putting Ethiopian retailers that are not into selling locally produced products(farm products) at a huge risk of being put out of work with their own government squeezing the people’s hand to resort into working for Industrial parks for $26 USD a month salary as the lowest paid Industrial Park workers in the world to pay off the billions of dollars the politicians borrowed .

    Many industrial park workers are currently earning $26 monthly salary with all clinging to their ambition to one day become self employed retailers earning fair income, since with the Industrial park wages they are unable to make ends meet in the ever increasing cost of living, their dream of becoming self employed retailers is currently being crushed with Alibaba Group entering the country freely with no strings attached .


    Right now Ethiopians need to boycott Alibaba Group especially for the sake of those of us that had based our livelihood on importing electronics to Ethiopia , electronics importers got to quickly find ways to educate our customers about QUALITY PRODUCTS. We must organize together just so MASTERS degree in Business Admistration (MBA) holder turned politician Abiy Ahmed Ali’s back scratching relations with Alibaba group’s sales people do not put us electronics retailers completely out of business, by Alibaba monopolizing the entire electronics market leaving hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians to loose our only source of income , currently in Ethiopia no reform is done in regards to Monopoly laws , actually antitrust laws do not even exist just so the politicians can continue to divide income with international dellalas such as Alibaba Group.

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