The Ethiopia’s New PM Must be Honest to His Subjects Who Trusted Him the Most Out of Courtesy

The Ethiopia’s New PM Must be Honest to His Subjects Who Trusted Him the Most Out of Courtesy

By Denboba Natie, April 23, 2018

New PM
Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s appointment as PM is to fulfill Sibhat Nega’s dream his party, TPLF

Although the Ethiopia’s new PM Dr Abiy Ahmed presented himself with layers of clothes to conceal his true colour of wolfishly chameleonic skin, the unaware majority respected him more than anyone else since the TPLF regime has assumed power in mid-1991. This became evident when he has delivered his excellent inauguration speech on April 02, 2018. Following his deceptive speech, the hope and aspiration of unaware peoples of Ethiopia including those who are in Diaspora have significantly elevated. Dreams revived, albeit prematurely. Men and women, youth and old alike thanked their almighty God for having heard their bitter cries of last 27 years under the iron feast rule of the TPLF’s brutal regime in which the new PM has been part of.

His eloquence, use of palatable words and phrases to the ears and ideas to the minds and hearts of all peoples in Ethiopia and beyond unlike his both predecessors; his slogan and repeated mantra about the sovereignty and unity of the country, honest and transparent looking approach coupled with his humble appearing personality makes the new PM exceptionally deceptive figure who has been meticulously recruited by the TPLF security apparatuses for his ability of lulling the majority into believing that ‘he has actually meant what he is saying’.

To my disbelief, even an articulate politicians, academics, editors, journalists, commentators and thousands of activists failed to decipher the cunning nature of the TPLF’s regime about the fact that, it can do everything to stay in power by obfuscating the majority. This is the parameter under which the EPRDF’s new PM has been mentored to deceptively inject the TPLF’s lethal venom in the psyches of the people, by pretending it is his. There is no doubt that he has been excellently groomed to do the dirty job of his TPLF’s criminal Mafias by obfuscating the subjects with beautiful, yet fake and delusional promises. In three weeks alone since his inauguration, he has already proved his indispensability for the TPLF’s plots on appeasing the resistance of Oromo nation primarily and the entire Ethiopia at large.

The appointment of the new PM therefore, is part and parcel of TPLF’s intricate plots to stifle the increasingly threatening campaign of the Oromo nation mainly and the country at large who are demanding for fundamental political changes in Ethiopia. I also believe that, the new PM has been given a limited Power to influence the beliefs and actions of peoples of Ethiopia by conducting various magnificent events in various parts of the country where he has repeatedly shown his inconsistency with what he says, and he does. Evidently, we further learnt that his superficially bestowed authority is tailored toward achieving the sole objectives of TPLF alone, albeit various pretexts being used.

He has been also given power to get things done for those who are responsible for the plights of peoples of the country; as he seemed to be prepared to totally suppress the freedom of over 104 million; erroneously promising cosmetic changes by totally ignoring the unanimous demands of the subjects for an unconditional political change. Moreover, he is joking on the graves of millions of Oromo and the rest peoples of Ethiopia who have been massacred, assassinated, displaced, chased out of the country, tortured, killed and arbitrarily incarcerated by his and his TPLF boss’s orders. For example, further brutality of his regime has been underway whilst he was holding a Royal style lavish reception in his palace for the business community where he blabbered TPLF’s plots without substance and policy directions. Moreover, it was evident that whilst he was obeying the orders of his TPLF’s bosses an Oromo young pregnant mother known by the name ‘Ayyaantuu Mohaammad Shaanqoo’ in East Oromia Hararge Zone, Mee’sso town, was approached by the Agaazi forces who demanded her for a gang-rape. As she refused to obey their barbaric orders, the Agaazi forces forced her to her knees to shoot on her head with three bullets and instantly kill her. The new PM was obliviously indulging himself in an expensive Champagne and kurt (Qurx) whilst an elderly Oromo man known by the name ‘Mardaasaa Yaadasaa’ in Qellem district of Wallaggaa zone, Sadii Caanqaa sub district, Koomboo village was in the process of being executed by TPLF’s Agaazi forces who broke into his house before dawn by seriously wounding his son who is still fighting for his life. He has been touring on his honeymoon trips when the TPLF’s Ogaden Somali regional agents were executing an Ogadeni Somali woman known by the name ‘Rooda Yaasiin Muhumed’ in Kabribayah town of the region. The Moyale carnage was underway when he has been actively engaging in various TPLF sustaining projects. In north, south, east and west as well as central Ethiopia under the pretext of State of Emergency, the regime’s security and army were terrorising the civilians whilst the new PM obliviously continuing with his tours organised by the TPLF. As these tragedies unfold in front of his eyes, he has pathetically remained silent.

Finally, he is letting down those hundreds of millions of Ethiopians who have trusted him the most. Doing so is morally repugnant as it is disrespectful of those who put 100 per cent confidence in him, albeit erroneously. Let alone a dignified mankind, when pet animals put trust in one person, people hardly hurt such an animal. Equally, when someone trusts you most, even under difficult situations, I believe that any moral person feels compelled not to hurt such a subject. We can be rational being only when we practically demonstrate that we are a moral agent! Failing to be so places any person at the bottom of the ladder in the aspect of humanity. Moreover, when such failure involves country and its mass, the weight of such misappropriation of power will be heavier than anything else on planet for a moral person.

Therefore, the peoples of Ethiopia must stop their rapturous reception of the new PM who is nothing other than the smart agent of the TPLF’s Mafias. Instead, at this historical juncture, it is wise to take a deep breath to come to the term and understand more about the fact on the ground in relation to the aspect of Ethiopian political landscape to be able to assert the cunning nature of TPLF’s regime. To my recollection, this regime has taught the peoples of Ethiopia more than enough lesson about its nature, behaviour, ambition, character and ill-intentioned heinous anti-Ethiopia and its over 104 peoples aspiration. There is a little or no evidence supporting the argument that, in the past 27 years this regime has done something about which all peoples of Ethiopia collectively proud of, unless the subjects are obliged to claim to be so without their will.

Thus, the peoples of Ethiopia must wake up from their hallucinatory dreams as the new PM ventures from place to place; to start their genuine struggle for a real political change. Time is precious. Left unchallenged, don’t doubt for a second that the TPLF makes sure that, the subjects remain its slaves for the following several decades as it has been the case in the past 27 years. The TPLF and its handpicked recruits such as the new PM can do little or nothing. Understanding otherwise will be utter naivety, political immaturity and at worst short-sighted foolishness. Even if Dr Abiy Ahmed aims to give some consolation for the peoples of the country, the possibility of achieving such an ambition will be extremely unlikely. This is simply because there are numerous TPLF’s barking bull-dogs out there to monitor his every movements in addition to his wolfish nature. Even if the majority believe that he has got power to make difference, the latter must equally understand that, no one can survive from the strangulation of a fully-grown anaconda unless someone kills it before his victim has been fully silenced! The anaconda is actively and incredulously circulating hence there won’t be any prospect of life until the peoples of Ethiopia make sure that the strangulating anaconda is being hit with the strongest thrust in its heart with sharp dagger. For the peoples of Ethiopia, it is time to be prepared to equip themselves primarily with unity, and secondly organize their dagger to thrust in the heart of the brutal TPLF’s criminal apparatus for the following and decisive thrust instead of clapping hands for the deceitful TPLF’s smart agent, the new PM.

Unite and fight for your right, Or Else prepare yourself for another 27 years slavery!!

By Denboba Natie, April 23, 2018 (

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