Ethiopia’s Prosperity Party Pile of Lies Cannot Produce a Grain of Truth

Ethiopia’s Prosperity Party Pile of Lies Cannot Produce a Grain of Truth

By Oromia Fact Checkers, June 12, 2021

We remember of the TPLF-EPRDF era when lies reigned, the Oromo people and the rest of Ethiopians were hurled into a wide-open gate of hell where many were castrated, amputated and defecated upon.  On the other hand, the national TV was fooling the global community by portraying the country as a flourishing democracy.

The surrogates of the TPLF (the current prosperity party, PP), came out even nastier in that they doubled down on abuses, killings and arbitrary detentions and disappearances and those characteristics become the hallmark of that regime. Today there are more than 100 thousand Oromos in detention centers around Oromia and neighboring states. They took the killing and detention to the unprecedented level that even children as old as ten years are not spared and nursing mothers jailed along with babies and infants as young as two months. Executions are carried out in public squares, entire village are burned into ashes, the country is under state of terror perpetrated by the PP government. However, the PP mastered the art of lying only halfway; it seems the TPLF did not provide the full lesson on that. At present, the PP government reached a point where they cannot keep track of the cascade lies they propagate. One doesn’t need additional evidence to prove this but follow and securitize statements they make at every event.  They say one thing today and then say direct opposite of it next day. What they lie one day, they themselves expose it the next day. In almost every event they say things that are absolutely not true just only because they think they can impress the attendants of the event. We will never venture on the task of tracking and exposing the endless lines of the PP government. But we like to inform the readers by showing some of the outrageous ones that the PP shamelessly fabricates and propagates.

On May 15, 2021, the spokesperson of the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), Mr. Oda Tarbi announced in a press release about three Chinese mine workers taken hostage in Mana Sibu district in western Wollega Zone. The press release carried names and pictures of the Chinese citizens and gave assurance that they are in safe hands and will soon be released. The Deutsche Welle Radio reached out to local officials in western Oromia to confirm the report. The officials flatly denied saying no Chinese citizens nor Chinese company has mining license in the area. On May 29 the OLA issued another press release announcing the release of the three Chinese citizens and another Ethiopian by the name Dawit to the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC). The Ethiopian government again did not say a word. Later, the ICRC announced that it has handed over the three Chinese citizens it has secured from OLA to the Chinese Embassy in Addis Ababa.

On May 7, 2021, the PP anointed Ethiopian Election Board (NEBE) announced that over 31.7 million people had registered to vote in Ethiopia with over 14.3 million in the state of Oromia alone. The Ethiopian statistical Agency website projects the population of Oromia at 35 million. According to the UNHCR, about 43.5% of Ethiopian population are under age 15. Although there is no exact data for under 18, one can argue from the Ethiopian population pyramid that the proportion of people under 18 in Ethiopia is at least 50%.  According to the voter registration data released by the NEBE, over 80% of potential voters in Oromia have already registered by May 7th.  Remember the entire four administrative zones in western Oromia (Qellem Wollega, West Wollegga, East Wollega and Horro Guduru Wollegga) and large tracts of Ilubabor, Jimma and west Shewa zones are also outside the rich of the government. On the southern side, the two Guji zones and Borana zone are totally unreachable to the NEBE staff for registration. So the voter registration tally in Oromia announced by the NEBE was an absolute fabrication and there was not even a single voter registration office set up in these zones. In a twisting surprise and contrary to the May 7th announcement, the NEBE came on a TV and announced that there will be no election in four zones of Wollega.  Are they scraping the election after successfully registering voters in these zones? Hell No.

One more lie thread to add, on the May 7, 2021, announcement, the NEBE claimed that it has registered 1.71 million voters of the 2017 population projection of 1.81 million in Afar region. Only about half claimed to have been registered now (817,107 people) in Afar had voted in the 2015 election. The population may have grown over the last four years, but what NEBE claims is simply outrageous and defies nature. It is true lies are hard to track because they are not true. But lies of this scale by government of a large country like Ethiopia is totally unheard of.

There is no end to the string of lies by this regime. The international community and regional organizations need to be cautious in any dealings they make with the regime in Ethiopia. The junta is determined to stay in power at any cost and cheating and lying to allies and neighboring countries is the least of what it is prepared to do.

Horaa Bulaa!

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