EU delays 90 million euros in aid to Ethiopia over Tigray crisis

EU delays 90 million euros in aid to Ethiopia over Tigray crisis, document shows

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – The European Union has postponed nearly 90 million euros in budget support payments to Ethiopia due to the bloc’s concerns over the crisis in the northern Tigray region, according to an internal EU document seen by Reuters on Wednesday.

The delay appears intended to reinforce the EU’s request for a response from Ethiopian authorities over the bloc’s calls for aid to be allowed into Tigray, where five weeks of war have led to a humanitarian crisis.

The prime minister’s spokeswoman directed requests for comment to the Finance Ministry, which did not immediately respond.

There was no immediate response to a request for comment from the bloc in Brussels.

The document says “postponing those three budget support disbursements aims at creating political space to assess the current situation and request a response with regard to the EU’s concerns notably related to” humanitarian access, cessation of hostilities and media access.

War between Ethiopian federal forces and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) broke out on Nov. 4. The conflict is thought to have killed thousands and displaced more than 950,000 people, according to United Nations estimates, about 50,000 of them into Sudan.

Western nations view Ethiopia as an ally in a volatile region, especially against al Qaeda-linked Islamist militants al Shabaab in neighbouring Somalia. The conflict poses a policy dilemma for Western governments amid reports that civilians have been targeted by both sides, and as many aid groups complain they cannot access the region more than two weeks after the government declared the end of its military operation.

Ethiopia over Tigray crisis

The 27-nation EU is also calling for a cessation of hostilities, investigations into human rights abuses during the conflict, and for journalists to be allowed to visit the region, according to the document, which was authenticated by a senior diplomatic official in Addis Ababa.

The value of EU development assistance to Ethiopia has averaged an estimated 214 million euros per year, according to the bloc’s website.

Phone connections to Mekelle, Tigray’s regional capital, were restored earlier this week and residents told Reuters that food prices are sky high and there is very little running water.

Reuters has been unable to reach residents in other towns, but reports of food shortages and looting are beginning to trickle into Mekelle.

Reporting by Addis Ababa newsroom, Editing by William Maclean; Additional reporting by Nairobi newsroom; Writing by Maggie Fick, Editing by William Maclean

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  1. Ethiopia’s Federal government’s Budget cut against Tigray State = State of Tigray betrayed by the Federal government of Ethiopia.

    Can not farm on a stone covered land!!

    Tigray is highly depending in the budget the federal sends to Tigray for survival unlike the other states in Ethiopia who got ample fertile arable lands to survive on even if the federal cuts the budget . Many states can survive without the budget being sent from the federal government of Ethiopia but Tigray can not survive without this budget. It is impossible to develop farm on a stone covered land.

    When the Federal Government of Ethiopia cut the budget of the Tigray regional state it was clear for most that war was about to start, Prosperity Party’s politicians knew very well war was about to start right when they cut Tigray’s regional budget because in any country if a Federal government cuts the budget of a State or Region within that country it is clear that the State or the Region will very likely declare war against the Federal government. Abiy Ahmed provoked TPLFront when he cut Tigray’s budget , he also let his Northern Command military stay behind enemy lines .

    In any country if a Federal government suddenly cut a budget of a state or a region it is “an act of war”. In times of locust invasions , pandemic , election disputes , constitutional legitimacy disputes , border disputes and so on it is clear the Tigray State needs it’s budget dearly , so cutting a desperately needed budget of the fragile state of Tigray in these times of desperation left no choice but for the TPLFront to wage a war, Abiy Ahmed failed to implement a contingency plan to.protect both civilians and his military which were in Tigray when he cut Tigray’s budget.

    In Ethiopia’s unique case the Federal government of Ethiopia gets 50 to 60 percent of it’s budget from foreign aid so imagine how TPLF felt when the aid that was sent to Tigray got stolen by Prosperity Party. TPLF saw this recent budget cut Tigray suffered by the decision of the Federal government as if the Federal government was stealing foreign aid sent to Tigray from foreign donor nations, because fifty to sixty of Ethiopia’s government’s budget comes from foreign aid.

    Abiy Ahmed’s administration might not have expected the degree of the gruesomeness of the attacks but Abiy Ahmed very well expected attacks same as the foreign aid giving nations knew it was a matter of time before Ethiopians start a war against each other fighting over the aid or the budget the foreign aid donors send to Ethiopia’s which gets distributed unevenly . Continuing to send aid for decades while knowing only one segment gets the aid is instigating conflicts amongst Ethiopians. Conflicts and wars amongst Ethiopians is what enemies of Ethiopia wanted that was why they continued sending aid knowing the “intended” aid recipients will not get the aid because the aid will end up getting stolen by Ethiopia’s Federal government affiliated people year after year constantly for decades until now. That is why diasporas remittance and GERD bond type of investments or EDTF Diasporas trust fund need to be careful to ensure the money sent is distributed safely otherwise we should know nepotism and favoritism leads to conflicts and wars. If the Ethiopian federal government does not quickly reinstate Tigray with it’s budget fully then for sure Tigray will go in flames because a major civil war will erupt , but if the federal gives the budget to Tigray the people of Tigray will exercise restraint.

    SADLY ‘Qayelism/Cainism’ is RULUNG ETHIOPIA!!

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