Ex-Unionist Party Leader’s Sidama Condescending Remark Is Deplorable Insult to the Nation!

Ex-Unionist Party Leader’s Sidama Condescending Remark Is Deplorable Insult to the Nation!

Sidama National Liberation Front -SNLF, February 17, 2019

Ex-unionist party known as Semayawi leader, ‘Yilkal Getnet’ attempting to berate and belittle the Sidama nation during his interview of Walta Information on February 16, 2019

With utter disgust and consternation, we observed the ex-unionist party known as Semayawi leader, ‘Yilkal Getnet’ attempting to berate and belittle the Sidama nation during his interview of Walta Information on February 16, 2019 in the capital Finfinnee (Addis Ababa). Whilst maliciously plotting to undermine the concept of ethnic federalism in Ethiopia (the system that has been considered remedy for an over century old quests of various nations’ for a genuine self-rule); he used the Sidama nation’s current demand for a regional self-rule as something that has been initiated by hooligans and miscreant vagabonds who must be dealt with as soon as possible.

His remark diametrically opposes the peacefulness of the Sidama Ejjeetto and wider nation’s movement in its quest for social justice and national regional self-rule. Furthermore, his reckless and unwarranted remark has also shocked the nation, therefore, it has shown how the unionists are hell-bent on derailing the hope and aspiration of not only the Sidama nation, but also all those nations whose subjugation and dehumanisations are ascribed to the ancestors of Yilkal Getnet.

With his vulgar remark, he has tried to character assassinate Sidama in such manner that is similar to that of his ancestors’ dehumanisation of the nation since the nation fell under Abyssinian colonial yoke in late 1890s. As his fellow nostalgic unionists such as infamous ESAT (G7’s propaganda machine that has repeatedly proved its enmity to the Sidama nation) who mask their crimes under the pretext of Ethiopia whilst attempting to relegate their subjects; he has also revealed the hidden face of all unionists. He and his fellow unionists are untrustworthy, thus no one trusts them in Sidama land and in the other parts of the subjugated nations. They hardly understand that their time is over and never returns!

In the wider dimension, the issue of creating a common vision for the country in order for Ethiopia to be able equal for all- and fairly cater for the interests of entire its stakeholders is repeatedly hampered due to ill-intentioned attempts of unionists who plot day and night to keep their subjects relegated. These unionists can’t see the world beyond their squint eyes. To date they are unable to view the country and its 84 nations beyond their blurred vision, thus they blabber such nauseating erroneous characterisation of the Sidama’s national peaceful struggle for self-rule.

Therefore, such obdurately inspired unwarranted regurgitation of venomous remark by the descendant of historical ruler Abyssinians is nothing other than the confirmation of those groups’ being extremely dogmatic -begging for a drastic change of country’s politico-economic and socio-cultural dynamics to oblige them to learn the hardest. As long as they continue with their dogmatic beliefs and practices, and unwarranted insults of the nations, inevitably their days will be numbered in the lands where their ancestors have occupied and settled from where they surreptitiously plan to dehumanise an indigenous and legitimate nations of the land.

Besides, they never stop the current appetites of the subjugated nations including the Sidama, Oromo and the rest nations of Ethiopia for a fundamental politico-economic change that dismantles their criminal roots from its foundations. Unionists have repeatedly targeted the Sidama nation including ESAT’s continuous attack of the nation. For instance, the Sidama nation has demanded ESAT (G7’s Media) to officially owe the nation an apology for insulting it in its April 02, 2018 program known as Menalesh Meti. To date, they refused to owe the Sidama nation an apology the nation rightly deserves. To make the situation worst, they have repeatedly propagated false news with the objective of fuming conflict in Sidama since June 2018’s state-sponsored conflict in Sidama land.

However, the Sidama nation has wisely and sensitively handled the situation to peacefully continue to coexist with all peoples of Ethiopia in its land and will continue to do so for decades to come. To date, however these unionists are hell-bent on sabotaging Sidama’s peaceful strides towards its national self-rule that will materialise in front of their eyes whether they like it or not. This fact infuriates them all thus become as irrational as always, which is part of Mr Getnet’s insult of the Sidama nation.

If we the Sidama nation respect Amhara, Tigray, Oromo, Guragie, Hadiya, Gedeo and the rest nations of Ethiopia living in Sidama-land and beyond; the Sidama nation demands equal reciprocity- not the kind of venomous regurgitation of obdurate minded Habesha’s such as the indicated shallow individual who deserves proportionally appropriate response. The kind of vulgar remarks will not tolerated by the Sidama nation hence we demand an urgent and official apology from the indicated individual. Otherwise the Sidama nation has got full rights to defend its rights with all possible means in its soil.

Finally, changing beliefs starts with changing thinking. The Abyssinian elites (not Amhara or Tigray people) neither change their dogmatic beliefs nor assert the reality of the changing world. Sadly, their mentality seems to be stacking with attitudes and obdurate beliefs of late 19th and early 20th century backward feudal system -about the system they moan day and night to return without an insight into the fact laying in front of their eyes. We would like to remind them that, we are living in the 21st century far from their comfort zone. Ironically, these groups are to date lamenting for a united Ethiopia whilst they are creating the necessary preconditions for its total disintegration as they are unable to assert the reality in the context that is compatible with the 21st century’s wishes and aspirations of all the 84 nations of the country.

The Sidama nation is striding towards its national self-rule sooner than later! The date for SNRS Referendum Must be fixed now!

February 17, 2019

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