EXPEL TPLF from the governing coalition, dissolve ODP and form United Oromo Democratic Party, a governing majority, with the OLF and OFC

EXPEL TPLF from the governing coalition, dissolve ODP and form United Oromo Democratic Party, a governing majority, with the OLF and OFC

By Abba Ormaa, November 14, 2018

GoverningEXPEL TPLF from the governing coalition and replace it with United Oromo Democratic Party, a coalition of OLF, ODP, and OFC, and form a new governing majority with others rooted in free and fair democratic principles. Throw revolutionary democracy out the window!

This week we have witnessed what Ethiopian peoples have known for long time but could not do anything about it. TPLF and its mafias has done unpatrolled damage to the country and the peoples of Ethiopia. The Oromo people are at the receiving end of the lion share of the massacre and cruelty. It is very hard to separate these thugs from TPLF the Organization and their many collaborators in abusing, mass murdering and skimming their own system to enrich themselves.

What we witnessed this week is the tip of the iceberg. More are on the way if true justice is to be served. Still we have no idea the where about of thousands of people who disappeared in the hands of the TPLF. There is an evidence that TPLF has been running a concentration camp, TPLF’s Auschwitz in Shire where many high profile prisoners like Nedhi Gamada are believed to be for decades. The number of people murdered in every city of Oromia with the blessings of TPLF and OPDO mafias is countless. A committee led by Abba Dula Gamada voted to assassinate Obbo Diriba Badhanee, a highly regarded Oromo, in Ambo in front of his children for sole purpose of terrorize Oromos. The children are waiting for Dr. Abiy to deliver them justice. Thousands of similar assassinations took place in cities and villages of Oromia. The people responsible for these crimes and their accomplices are still at large. TPLF did not commit these heinous crimes without help.

Justice has to be impartial and blind. A justice that leaves Abba Dula Gamada is not an impartial justice. Abba Dula also single handedly passed State of Emergency that resulted in the death of thousands of children. Abba Dula belongs with these thugs not freedom. Families of the murdered deserve justice.

Clean up ODP and form a new coalition with the Oromo Liberation Front and Oromo Federalist Congruence under the name United Oromo Democratic Party, a governing majority.

The case for dissolving ODP/OPDO and forming a new coalition with the Oromo Liberation Front and OFC.

First, the quickest way to stabilize Oromia and the South is to unite with the Oromo Liberation Front who enjoys undeniable overwhelming support of the majority of Oromo people.

Second, Dawud Ibsa and the Oromo Liberation Front is committed to the reform led by Dr. Abiy.

“ምንም እንኳ የስትራቴጂ ልዩነት ቢኖረንም ግንባራችን በዶ/ር ዐቢይ አሕመድ ላይ የሚቃጣውን ማንኛውንም ጥቃት አጥብቆ ይቃወማል። በማንኛውም ወቅት ከዶ/ር ዐቢይ ጎን እንደምንቆም ለማሳወቅም እንፈልጋለን።” ~ አቶ ዳውድ ኢብሳ የኦነግ ሊቀመንበር

And most importantly, OPDO and Lemma Megersa’s Administration has been a disaster for the Oromo people.

Unfortunately under Lemma’s administration, the state of Oromia and the Oromo people is dire! More than two million Oromos are Internally Displaced and still counting with no help in sight. In recent weeks more than 100,000 Oromos are internally displaced in Western Oromia, some endured barbaric acts, their limbs amputated, murdered and thrown into bushes; Oromo mothers delivering in ditches and furrows; hundreds of thousands of children are out of school. Oromia is being encroached from all directions, and sadly OPDO is unable and unwilling to stand up for the Oromo people and Oromia.  When the Amhara president declares his intention to arm his people, Lemma deprives the Oromo people the basic self-defense.

In the last 28 years, Oromia shrunk, Oromo cities handed over to others, hundreds of thousands of people perished, Oromo farmers land has become the currency for bribing and corruption by EPRDF and OPDO, some parts of Oromia are becoming inhabitable because of the environmental pollution caused by irresponsible corrupt investors, Oromos are systematically impoverished, schools are dissipated, and hundreds of thousands are exiled.

As Somali’s Liyu police burns down Oromo villages, Lemma Megersa were holding hands with Abdi Ile as if he is congratulating him on his achievements. When TPLF agents are waging war on the Oromo people in West Oromia displacing more than 100,000 peoples, mutilating and raping mothers, Lemma is busy plotting to divide the Oromo people.

Today, the brightest Oromos are being killed in Oromia with his blessings by the federal army.

These corrupted OPDO’s are trying to divide the Oromo people and finger pointing on the Oromo Liberation Front to divert attention from their past crimes.

This should end! The Oromo people have been killed, displaced, and exiled for over a century and it has to end. The Oromo people cannot afford a single life anymore.

The best course for Oromia and the Oromo people is to try something different. OPDO has failed us for the last 28 years.

Justice to the families of the thousands of Oromos who are still waiting to know the fate of their loved ones!


  1. YES WE NEED A UNITED OROMO FORCE!!! OLF and ODP must work together. Divided, we lose everything, united we gain everything! We rule horn of Africa!

  2. The person that thinks himself visionary in realty found to be blind. The blindness that shadowed you for long could not allow you get still treatment.Your vague ambition and untimely demands are simply the prove of your blindness. you are trying to create disorders and the country ungovernable to transition.It is futile to attempt de rail the started change.

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