Fear, hate and lies!

Fear, hate and lies!

FB: Ammii Yoona, March 3, 2021


Ethiopia has not found peace since it was created by force, especially for the past fifty years. Some of these never happened. What can be the difficulty of the current situation as there are?. Different people can answer. If I wake up not from research, I will give an attention to the first thing I put on top of. Fear, hate and lies. This is the problem we are facing today.

It has been hating and despising between Eritrea and Tigray since ancient times. Woyane and Shabiya have inherited this. The war that was caused by many people’s death will come from here. The name they gave us as a border war does not reflect the truth.

When Abiy is in power, the one who focuses on Asmera will be connected to this. It is because he knows the problem between Woyane and Shabiyan. For Abiy, this band was two birds. Providing solution to the problem of ethio-eritria [this had a lot of support] on the other side of woyane is afraid of civilization. This is the one who created a big doubt around Woyane, they have understood it well, and they are surprised. But they didn’t get to know the first one. This fear [from Abiy] hatred [from Esayas] is the project that came out and was on work for today’s war and the cause of the accident.

The other Abiy has for OLF. It is not only Yabiy but also how much OLF has migrated from the people. They think OLF is only ′′ the organization The number of people who went out to welcome Ong to Ethiopia is over 6 million by police press release. The number is invisible in the history of her country. This gave Abiy a great homework. From that day on, the one who says ′′ if I don’t erase me, I will also get to the point. You can write a lot on this matter and provide a lot of documents. Let it stay for a while. This fear is not only in Oromia but it is hard to predict the destruction of life and property that is caused by its country. Let the house count it out. Today, the death of Hachalu and every prison is related to the extension of Oromo’s etc. ′′ Politics will destroy me!!

Abiy’s fear will cost us a lot. The politics of Silu has started saying ′′ to dry the water to kill the fish
There is always a lie beside the fear and hate I have touched. They deny that they didn’t kill Woyane when they accuse them [even if they sent him], they will deny that they haven’t stolen together, they lie. The lies these days say ′′ OLF and OLF don’t want to compete for election when they can’t win ′′ A person with a good mind and Oromo political leaders should not be arrested, shutting down their office and saying this is the truth.

What the people want today is not fear, hate or lies but peace

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