Former OPDO and now Balderas Obbo Ermias Legesse making the case for Oromo.

Former OPDO and now Balderas Obbo Ermias Legesse making the case for Oromo.

“Before 1994 Addis Ababa was 21 thousand hectares!’

Via Moa Abagodu

People can change but FATCS do not change!

In this video Ermias Legesse tells his audience that Kotebe, Akaki, Kara Qoree, and Jimma Menged were inhabited by Oromo farmers.” ኮተቤ፤አቃቂ፤ካራ ቆሬ፤ጂማ መንገድ፤የቀድሞ Addis Ababa ውስጥ የሌሉ የ መሬት ናቸው።” . ኮተቤን ጠቅልላለች፤አቃቂን ጠቅልላለች፤ካራ ቆሬን ጠቅልላለች፤ጂማ መንገድን ጠቅልላለች Addis Ababa. Addis Ababa annexed Kotebe, Addis Ababa annexed Akaki, Addis Ababa annexed Kara Qoree, Addis Ababa annexed Jimma Menged. Until 1994 their administration was outside Addis Ababa. Where is this land, 15-21 thousand hectares of land today? In 1994, it was decided that their admiration be under Addis Ababa administration. Before that Addis Ababa was about 21 thousand hectare of land (before 1994). Where are the farmers today who were displaced from these areas? After annexes this areas Addis Ababa grew to 54 thousand hectares, more than doubled!

What is the lesson?

There is nothing stopping them Addis Ababa annexing Burayu tomorrow or after tomorrow!

TPLF/EPRDF was already implementing unauthorized/illegal “Master Plan”

Addis Ababa grew from 21 thousand hectares to 54 thousand hectares, more than doubled. This land was inhabited by Oromo farmers. Today, that farm land is replaced by houses. The farmers are not there today! This land is taken from Oromo farmers and turned into residential houses. This is the farmer’s property. What does15-21 thousand hectors means? Don’t take this lightly! 15-21 thousand hectors means ten times the size of Mekele! 20 times the size of Adama!

So, what is gone happen tomorrow and after tomorrow? The same thing!

How did this happen? Land is given not only through leasing but also through ‘negotiation’. Here is how a negotiation works. If you are a buyer or anyone who benefits the buyer, you go check out a land you like and tell (who?) that you like this piece of land. They the farmer is displaced and hooray it is all yours. Then they say that the transfer is done through negotiation. This is how up to 100 thousand squarte meters, up to up to 500 thousand square meters, 500 Million square meters of land is taken away from Oromo farmers and given to others. The new owner goes to a bank and borrow money on this land. A perfect example of this is “Ayat Real Estate” backed by people like Abay Tsehay. 1/3 of the Real Estate land is taken by Ayat through “negotiation”


  1. Ayyaantuu,
    Please becareful with numbers. It is 15-21 thousand hectares of land annexed to addis ababa and not 15 hectares. Ermias himself made an error when he said 15-21 hectares is equivalent to 4 times tigray. I hope that makes sense.

  2. I was on the same panel with him and challenged him that he was wrong about the area of Finfinnee. The presentation was at the symposium organized by OSA during the height of the protest against the Master Plan.

  3. Folks the number is not important retrospectively we can go back and correct it for him. The point is the whole story and what is saying today.

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