Four senior officials killed in attempted coup in Ethiopia

Four senior officials killed in attempted coup in Ethiopia

4 senior officials killed in attempted coup, Office of the Prime Minister-Ethiopia confirms in a presser this morning. They’re:

• General Seare Mekonnen – Army Chief
• General Gezai Abera – Senior Military General
• Ambachew Mekonnen(PhD) – President, Amhara Regional State
• Ezez Wasie – Senior adviser of the president

Additionally, PM Office confirmed that it is body guard who killed the military generals & now said to be under custody.

“Make no mistake – the coup de’ta that was staged yesterday in the Amhara Regional State of Ethiopia is not a simple political altercations between Amhara elites but a well calculated plan born out of months preparation for a greater political power over the country. It was the first stage for Federal take over!

Make no mistake – the Amhara elites who staged this coup are neither Democratic nor progressive. They are nostalgic and backward lookers. They are in capsulatd with political retardation that had ravaged the country for over a century. They have little regards for the rights of others. They have nil plan to transform the country to a democratic state.

Make no mistake – the current ‘no common plan, no common vision & no common mission’ Ethiopian politics is a very compatible fuel for instability such as this coup. The hopeless oppositions in ‘hotels’ have very little awareness of the political environment they residing in let alone the capacity to produce an alternative plan that assist the transition of this country to democracy.

Make no mistake – the Qeerroo movement that purged the TPLF away from the Ethiopian political powerhouse was quashed mischievously by internal and external conspitors without producing the expected results. Replacing EPRDF with EPRDF is in the centre of today’s ongoing instability in the country. The pretense, the appeasement, the attack on those appeared to be weaker, the gift of government departments for undeserving people/groups are all failed tactic in buying peace .They are all the cover up institutional malfunction particular of those law enforcement ones. This has led to the empoverishment self confidence in the Federal government & boosted morales of vigilants.

Make no mistake – The current instability is not the making of the Oromos – it’s not an oromo war. Coup is in the psych of Abyssinian politics. Coup and Abyssinia have co-lived for centuries .The Oromo struggle is for freedom, democracy, equality and rule of law. So, do not try to co-opt the Oromo case for simple preservation of the interest of thise groups claiming to represent the Oromo people. We shall discern carefully between our war and someone’s war. The Oromo have fought wars that had little to do with its strategic interests. EPRDF’s war is not an Oromo in any forms and shapes. We should resist the strategy that is being designed to co-opt us into the war that has little to do with our long term interest.”
Via Kumsa Burayu

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  1. Dear Kumssa,

    My deep sympathies to those affected by the savage violence instigated by Amhara militia and lunatic fringes in Amhara region and beyond.

    It is absolutely true that the violence brewed and administered by “Amhara” lunatic fringes is not of Oromo making. Nonetheless, the primary target of Amhara violence have been the great Oromo people, and for this reason, putting Amhara savage militia under control must be urgent business for all Ethiopians, including the Oromo. I also agree with you that the Oromo protests led by qeerroo and qarree have been hijacked by OPDO/EPRDF, and the Oromo have been targeted by their historical enemies, the neo-neftagna and anti-Oromo hatemongers. However, it may worth to give some chance to the small minority who may be genuine reformers within the EPRDF, and lend them hands to control the situations in Amhara region, while we should continue to push to get answers to our fundamental questions. We shall not give up on the Oromo struggles every time real or imagined obstacles are put in our ways. The Oromo people are endowed with intelligent politicians who can lead our people to their inalienable freedom. As the great Indian independence leader, Mahatma Gandhi, once remarked: “a small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history”. That is, the Oromo struggles for justice and freedom have created determined Oromo nationalists who can be above mediocrity and Abyssinian deceptions, and take our people to the desired destiny, greater freedom and abbaa-biyyumma.

    By the way while composing this short comment, I have in mind the Kumssa Burayu whom I knew, two and half decades ago in Finfinne, and was privileged to observe his deep understanding of Oromo cause, passion for freedom and intellectual potential. I am pleased that he is still around to air his views. Those kind of Oromo individuals are the hope of our people in their quest for freedom and justice.

    Best wishes

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