Free pauper than a rich slave

By Dr. Baaroo Keno Deressa | February 27, 2020

Today, I recall my fallen comrades; they were truly an all-Oromo’s. They were an exemplary men and women to their nation, their mother and father, their beloved brother and sister, and friends.

How many Oromo Men and women have given their lives for their beloved country Oromia – and for the cause of peace – under this bloody empire: some >5000000 Oromo’s died in the Menilik Era. During Haileselase, more than 300,000 perished. Mengistu claimed 800,000; >1000000 died under TPLF/OPDO rule, and many others have made the ultimate sacrifice in other conflicts around the world korea, Somalia, congo and south Sudan. In addition, millions more were seriously injured, including many who lost limbs or contracted debilitating diseases. Mr. (Dr.?) Abiy Ahmed the current Ethiopian prime minister became internationally recognized modern era of cannibalism sect (neo neftagna) that eating the Oromo peoples.

This man is a home growing toxic snake called (afaan Oromo speaking neftagna). Neftagna means merciless organized mafia groups in Ethiopia whom committed the heinous crime against Oromo peoples and southern nation and nationalities.

The Oromo peoples adopted Abiy mother and himself, they provide them shelter and food, they protect his mother and himself, they provide them future, they gave him milk instead of water, they gave him meat instead of maize, and they gave him everything they have. But how comes that this man Mr. (Dr.) Abiy Ahmed become odor of gratitude. I think three possibilities will define his path and action:

1) Psychological traumatized (TPLF trained him well the exact meaning of slavery. Now he needs to obey that taught on others while he keeps his masters safe and intact).

2) Addicted to False history of colonizers (Mr. Abiy Ahmed has never learned the real history of Oromo people and he doesn’t know even about the fundamental question of Oromo peoples and the remedies that the Oromo peoples have for this empire). Today he is running to alter the Annole/calenqqo massacre. Listen to his sect leader Daniel Kibiret and

3) Familial confusion (his biological Habasha parents and his Habasha wife). Mr. Abiy Ahmed has nothing common with Oromo’s internally and externally (the only gift of him is murder, torture, imprisonment, creating division among Oromo’s and hate)

In order to Overcome all those injustices let us look at the power of freedom struggle:

Martin Luther king:

There is nothing in the entire world greater than freedom. It is worth paying for; it is worth losing a job for; it is worth going to jail for. I would rather be a free pauper than a rich slave. I would rather die in abject poverty with my convictions than live in inordinate riches with the lack of self respect;”

Since the end of World War II, policymakers have shown a marked preference wars through negotiated settlements. The core recommendation of this policy is to employ third-party resources—primarily in the form of economic incentives and good offices—to halt the violence and preserve the combatants. Scholars of civil wars, for their part, have devoted the bulk of their analyses to exploring how best to achieve negotiated settlements. In recent years, however, other scholars have introduced a counterargument. Supporters of this “give war a chance” option advocate allowing belligerents to continue fighting until one side achieves a military victory. A survey of the literature on civil war termination makes clear that, of the two groups, the negotiated settlements camp is far more pervasive and influential than the “give war a chance” camp. The logic of both arguments is compelling, but flawed. The negotiated settlements camp takes it as axiomatic that the sooner violence is halted, the greater the collective benefit. The “give war a chance” camp goes too far in the other direction, assuming that it is axiomatic that violence unfettered is the best path to lasting peace. Which argument is stronger and, more importantly, under what circumstances?

The scant literature on how different termination types influence post-war outcomes has yet to capture the strong empirical relationship between rebel victory and post-war stability. Civil war termination—that is, ending the violence and establishing the political space for enduring peace—requires a balance of carrots and sticks.

The subject of effective civil war termination is important for three reasons. First, with regard to theory, the “give war a chance” argument forces scholars and policymakers to confront how they should think about the costs and consequences of war. If one measures the collective good in terms of a lasting peace, a systematic and general reduction in the destructiveness of war, and robust development, then, all else held equal, the “give war a chance” argument must be taken seriously.

Second, civil wars are highly destructive. Yet they have traditionally been less subject to regulation and limitation by treaties such as The Hague and Geneva Conventions than have interstate wars. Until 1977, when the Additional Protocols to the Geneva Conventions of 1949 protecting “national liberation movements” came into force—governments were not restricted in the amount or nature of force they could use to defeat rebels. Moreover, many civil wars escalate to interstate wars, either by spilling across state borders or by provoking external intervention.

Third, policymakers exert considerable effort to finding ways to advance democratic institutions and rehabilitate the economy once a war has ended. Therefore, knowing which post-war environments are most likely to flourish as democratic polities with liberal market conditions and which are more likely to succumb to authoritarianism, corruption, or the resumption of war is crucial.

Have your policy vision of junkie tactics (collecting Diaspora street boys, FB junkies..)

•  Mr. Abiy, tell me is it possible to offer a very nice music to a deaf person and demanding his commentary about that voice?!!!!
•  Mr. Abiy, is it ethically and morally responsible to demand a critically ill patient to dance?!!!!
•  Mr. Abiy, is it sane to ask a blind person to read a note on the blackboard?!!!!

I listen to all your speech and you are a pathological liar. You are the worst leader ever. You are asking Oromo people to sing, dance and enjoy while you are closing the doors of the house and set on fire (declaring illegal command post). At the same time your speech nauseated me too because you are abusing the innocent peoples by touching their weakness (returning from Saudi Arabia, providing the Oromo farmers land to Diaspora street boys), disrespecting great nation the Oromo people by assuming Face book junk as a freedom fighter and murdering millions of our peoples. When millions of our people are languishing in the detention center, when mass murder is going on, when the Oromo intellectuals, old, Young, women and children are hunted down like fox by your Para commando’s and security forces, when 50millions of Oromo people are in home arrest how are you going to lead a country???? But as you know and as i get the evidence your destruction policy through divide and rule will not succeed because millions of committed individuals are ready to defend their right and well organized more than ever in all parameters.

We will fight you fiercely to bring the lasting peace and real democratic change. Yes you are the soldier but you don’t have the gut that the WBO has. Your gut is your stomach and nihilism.

The truth will prevail.

Victory to the Oromo people!

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