From Empire Co-builder, Gobena Daachee, to Empire Keeper, Abiy Ahmed

From Empire Co-builder, Gobena Daachee, to Empire keeper, Abiy Ahmed

Can the 7th King really resuscitate the Empire or will his move lead it to disintegration?

What are the intentions behind his “Maddamar” philosophy?

By Berhanu Hundee, April 7, 2020

ReformWhether Goobana Daaccee had done it knowingly or unknowingly; whether he had good or bad intentions when collaborating with Minilik, there is no excuse for what he has done to the Oromo people. Although, some people praise Goobana Daaccee as a hero, he may had been a brave warrior as an individual. There are so many similar brave Oromo generals today, but what is the meaning of it if they do not serve and will not serve the interests of the Oromo nation? Unfortunately, the collaborators or traitors have always been the right hand of the enemies of the Oromo nation; without the collaborators, the enemies would not have achieved their goals. Ideology, political view, personal interests and other things like religious affiliation and marriage with the Oromo society have been the major obstacles to the Oromo National Liberation Struggle (ONLS) aka Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo (QBO). It must be emphasized that it is an individual’s God given right to marry whom he/she loves, practice any religion of choice, have ideology or political view to believe in. However, notwithstanding this fact, it must also be noted that all the above-mentioned factors have significantly impacted and will still adversely impact the ONLS.

Goobana Daaccee helped Minilk build the Ethiopian Empire on the blood, sweat and tear of millions of Oromo and other oppressed people. As the saying goes “history repeats itself”, after nearly 150 years, we now see that the dream of the Empire building appears to be a reality, but in a different form?? Daniel Kibret, one of Abiy Ahmed’s senior advisers, has recently confirmed in an interview that Abiy and his newly formed Prosperity Party (PP) will be finishing the State (Empire) building project which was started by Minilik and Gobena Daachee. Daniel Kibret has strong hope that Abiy Ahmed and his PP would resuscitate the Empire state building that was planned and halfway implemented under Minilik and consummated under Emperor Haile Silasie. Daniel Kibret cannot have this amount of confidence without a reason. Abiy Ahmed himself has been lecturing us his dream of restoring Ethiopia as it was under both Minilik and Haile Silasie. That is why Abiy has been praising kings since his inauguration as a PM of the country.

The Oromo public uprising and the Qeerroo bitter struggle could have ended the 150-year Habasha domination and oppression in 2018, had some tactical and strategical mistakes not been allowed. We missed one big opportunity once again. The struggle was hijacked by a gang. The mistake was consigning the OPDO to lead the transition of the change. In fact, some OPDO top senior officials like Obboo Lammaa Magarsaa misled the Oromo people praising the Oromo Nationalism (Sabboonummaa Oromoo). Lammaa and his sophists chanted aloud that their masters were only the Oromo people. This open cheating paved a way for Abiy Ahmed to be the PM of the country. The Oromo people’s fate turned to be another bad turning point in the history of the Oromo struggle for freedom, justice, democracy and equality. Many Oromo called this despicable OPDO butcher,  “Ilma Abbaa Gadaa” and named him also with a nickname “Abbichuu”. No one did suspect his secret agenda and predicted the damage he is committing today. He turned back against the people who brought him to power.

Abiy’s secret agenda is not a secret anymore. It is building a unitary system which would enable him to resurrect Ethiopia as it was under Minilik and H/Silasie. In order to do so, he must work against the current ethnic based federal arrangement. He dissolved the umbrella organization, the Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) and rebranded it with a new name, Ethiopian Prosperity Party (EPP).

The current ethnic based federation is the best political arrangement for Ethiopia to resolve the century old deep-rooted issues. Why does the PP work against the current ethnic federalism? The answer is simple. The OPDO/ODP, which is a key player in PP, has a hidden political objective or/and agenda which is again to serve the interest of its new masters, the Nafxanyaa.  Abiy’s agenda clearly demonstrates that PP is working to fulfill the interest of certain class of the society, the corrupt Nafxanyaa. The “maddamar” philosophy is to facilitate the roadmap to navigate Abiy to the throne as the 7th king or in another word a  revival of a unitary system.

Abiy Ahmed is tirelessly working to weaken ONLS, demean and corrupt the Oromo Nationalism. He diminishes it to a regional level and portraits it as if it would endanger the unity of the country. However, he forgot that it is the Oromo Nationalism that solely propelled him into the Minilik palace in Arat Kilo. Without Oromo Nationalism the TPLF would not have had relinquished their power and there would be no change. Without Oromo Nationalism the former OPDO/ODP which was a servant organization of the TPLF would have not been a key player in the current government. Another point is that the Abiy led PP is tirelessly working to weaken ONLS through setting up a Command Post in some parts of Oromia. That is a tantamount declaration of war on Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) aka WBO in the name of restoring peace and order. He labeled members of WBO as “Shifta”. There are a lot of armed groups formally or informally operating in other regions like Amahara and Tigray and elsewhere in the country. Why do Abiy and his racketeers focus only on Oromia and WBO? The answer is crystal clear: that it is to kill Oromo Nationalism and to destroy ONLS.

Unless they eliminate the Oromo Nationalism or possibly destroy ONLS, the dream of creating a unitary system and restoring Ethiopia as it was under Kings will not come true. However, whether these sophists, the Abiy gangs, believe it or not, there is no way to go back to that obsolete and archaic system of Kings. Any attempt to dismantle the current federal arrangement and replace it with a unitary system as well as to reverse the achievements gained through bitter struggle of the oppressed nations, nationalities and people of that Empire would lead to disintegration of the country rather than keeping it together. This should be a clear message to those who have this dream. The 7th King should also see this reality and come to his senses.

Victory for the oppressed nations, nationalities and people!! The struggle for equality, justice, democracy and freedom shall prevail!!





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  1. truth be told unless Ethiopia is destroyed Oromo cannot the goal of self governing.
    in fact hoping for democracy while amhara is in Ethiopia is fooling oneself. they don’t feel and believe in democracy and they are distributed in all regions so that it is easy to manipulate those in power in regional office and destroy those who believe in equality. Mark my word every single security so called dehninet will be amhara under abiy because they know local language and they hate those speak that language, the very basic criteria to be dehninet in Ethiopia.

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