GIRRISSA: A Message for Qarree and Qeerroo of  the Oromo Nation

GIRRISSA: A Message for Qarree and Qeerroo of  the Oromo Nation

By Qannoo Baanjaa Dhowaa, Ph. D., USA, Caamsaa 30, 2020

The term Girrissa in the Oromo language is synonymous with the word Flock in the English language. A flock can be defined  as a collection of birds of the same species in the process of migration  to forage or feed.


The spectacular, theatrical and mesmerizing flight maneuvers  displayed by  Girrissa  inhabiting the temperate zones may not be comprehended by  people living in the tropical regions, because they  do not have the opportunity to  witness such a unique  phenomenon.


That is why certain individuals, for instance in Ethiopian utilize the word “Girrissa,  in Amharic  መንጋ” in a disparaging and derogatory manner to dehumanize and debase fellow compatriots.


Therefore, this curtailed narration about Girrissa is an attempt to convey an uplifting and glorifying message to the Oromo Qarree and Qeerroo (Q & Q).


  1. Girrissa flocks are exceptionally brilliant, meticulously organized, highly disciplined, socially cohesive  and considerate  collections of birds whose size may contain  many thousands of  individuals at one time.
  2. Girrissa believe in unity, togetherness  and solidarity rather than in singularity and individualism. That is why Girrissa work in teams to make sure that everyone sees the big picture and is able to have a clear idea where one is going.
  3. Girrissa are persistent and will never give up their resolution. They take an arduous journey of several thousands of kilometers  over hills, mountains, valleys. They encounter physical stresses, heavy storms and rain, diseases, shortage of food, predators, etc. Yet, they are relentless in their quest to reach their destination and achieve their mission.

Lesson for Q & Q:

  • Girrissa are brave and have confidence in themselves. Therefore, have faith  in your abilities and fly high in a spectacular  geometric formation. Have no fear of falling or failing, but keep on flapping and flock together just like Girrissa.
  • Girrissa birds live in a democratic group and in a society of shared leadership. If a Girrissa leader becomes tired or sick, it will relinquish the leadership position voluntarily.  It will then join the flight formation  as a common follower. Another bird will fill the vacated leadership position.Therefore, do not wait until the leader collapses from fatigue or of old age, etc., but rejuvenate yourselves with new ideas, youthful leaders, vision, zeal and enthusiasm, etc.
  • It is always of great benefit to have a common objective, which will enhance your capability to attain that goal quicker and with less effort than  when working on an individual basis.
  • You may run against challenges and obstacle along your ways, but—Keep flying.
  • When the flying gets tough, do not give up – fly tirelessly and stay in formation like Girrissa.
  • Stay together and know that if you get scattered and if  not united, you will never reach your destination.

Qarree and Qeerroo!

  • Fly in a V- formation, with your leader at the fore -front, cutting through the thin air and giving direction while others follow with geometric precision and unity, solidarity, trustworthiness, confidence, loyalty, watching for each other and having a look out for possible predators.


    • Fly on as gallant, resolute and patriotic Oromo Qarree and Qerroo, because You Are the Majestic Birds of the Oromo Nation and of Biya Abaa Keenyaa, Oromia.


    Watch this video using the link below depicting Girrissa flight.

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