GMN: Waamicha Waltajjii Marii Hawaasaa Oromoo Maraaf

GMN: Waamicha waltajjii marii Hawaasaa Oromoo Maraaf Jaarmayaa ABO Biyya Ambaa Irraa.

Teessoon Zoomii Waltajjii Marii Fulbaana 05, 2020 kan armaan gadiiti:




  1. Thank you, though it is overdue indeed

    Please can you specify the conference time depending upon the various time zones?
    Thank you.

  2. Backward nephtegnas do not even get civilized in Canada. Timkhitegnas got no hope of acting as a human even while living in a developed country.

    They think with their stomach , hodamoch. These alcoholics fall of a cliff running after food and alcohol. Hager sadabiwoch. I am ashamed to be called Ethiopian because of these animals. Oromia shall be free!!

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