Hacaaluu’s assassination is linked to the constitutional crises

Hacaaluu Hundeassaa’s assassination is directly linked to the constitutional crises and the illegal power grab that followed it! 

By Aba Orma, PhD, August 6, 2020


It feels like artist Hacaaluu’s assassination is far removed from the constitutional crisis that bottlenecked the already challenged transition but in realty there is no day light between the two events, the assassination of Hacaaluu and the illegal power grab by the Property Party of Dr. Abiy Ahmed.

Following the blatant maneuvering of the constitution, Dr. Abiy extended his term indefinitely without consultation with opposition political parties. He allowed the Kangaroo parliament to extend its own term and the PM’s term. The Oromo Liberation Front and the Oromo Federalist Congress issued a press release clearly opposing Dr. Abiy’s illegal power grab. They wrote:

“ ….we strongly oppose the unilateral decision to extend the mandate of regional and federal legislators by a single party. The decision by the House of Federation will exacerbate the discontent of the public, which has already overflown due to broken promises by the current government. We would like to express our concern that large-scale mass uprisings which could transform into violence may arise, and this will not only take us back to square one, it will also be difficult to contain for a government already dealing with multiple socio economic and public health challenges.”

“ We believe that the ruling Party’s unilateral decision of extending the term of office of its own government is a sheer violation of the constitution and an abuse of power which is antithetical to the ethos of a democratic and multiparty governance system enshrined in the constitution, and erodes the democratic principle that limited term of office. On this basis, we strongly reject the unilateral decision taken by the ruling party to unilaterally and unconstitutionally extend its term. Once again, we call on the ruling party to sit down with the opposition parties to thoughtfully discuss the issue in order to find a solution and reach a political settlement. “

Jawar Mohammed wrote in his separate opinion piece:

“ If the ruling party refuses to negotiate with the opposition and other stakeholders and moves forward with extending its term in office, it amounts to illegal acquisition of power in violation of Article 9(3) of the constitution. No citizen or state institution or foreign power would be expected to recognize such a government as legitimate.”

These oppositions threatened him and wounded his ego. Therefore, he needed to do something about it. Assasin Hacaaluu and use that to silence these oppositions.

The condition surrounding the assassination of artist Hacaaluu Hundeessaa is indicative of this fact. In many people’s mind Dr. Abiy, for good reason, ordered and orchestrated Hacaaluu’s assassination with the help of his nafxanyaa cohorts. There is a solid ground for this allegation. One does not need to be an FBI agent to figure out this. Any casual observe can come to this conclusion by just studying the actions of the government surrounding Hacaaluu’s assassination to his burial and then the embarrassing press conference given by Adanech Abebe, Attorney General of the Federal government.

In summary, Dr. Abiy and PP assassinated Hacaaluu Hundeessaa to use it as a cover to wage war on Oromo political parties and their leaders before SEPTEMBER 30.  The failed coup against the OLF and interference in the internal affair of the OLF is part of this plot.

They are arresting any Oromo they come across hoping that they can find dirt on the OLF and OFC leaders to lock them behind bars indefinitely.

These people will not be coming out of jail at least until after September 30 or even until PP makes a mockery of election and wins 100%. Only Qeerroo and the Oromo people can set them free. 


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