Hambo, the only place where Abiy Ahmed is successful

Hambo, the only place where Abiy Ahmed is successful

By Rundaasaa Asheetee Hundee, June 18, 2020


The essential patterns of reversing the entire Oromo struggle set by the Habasha ruler named Abiy Ahmed seem to work only in Hambo.

The desires we’ve developed to be free, the tastes we have gone through, the ideals we as a nation stood for, and habits we’ve developed during the struggle years seem to be reversed in Hambo in two years time.

In spite of the suffering and the horrific experience that tens of thousands of Oromians have gone through and regardless of the Oromo youth’s sincere desire to fight for their freedom, many Oromians seem to fall for Abiy’s enticing bribes, subtle temptations, and false justifications for wrongdoings.

More than any part of Oromia, the Hambo Oromians are currently dealing with the enemy who is anxious to deceive and mislead them. That can be seen from Abiy’s successful destruction of the Oromo unity at the world level because no one can resist the amount of money he pays. For example, almost all former OMN journalists receive $6,000 per month to produce one-hour worth propaganda and the same is true for those who have returned to Finfinnee from the countries where they sought refugee status.

Abiy’s operates everywhere because he is good at pretending as religious, as all-loving, as Oromo, as Amhara, as a vocal advocate of human equality.

Of course, Abiy also has awesome power kill thousands and able to convince the entire OPDO apparatus to hate anything Oromo, pursued and made a lair out of thousands, silenced the ONN and the OMN, the same way he silenced the Amhara fanatics. At this point in his life, Abiy has successfully converted his former bodyguard, Shimalis Abdisaa into a private servant willing to dress and undress him.

Using compulsion and force, he is trying to save empire Ethiopia, in so doing he demanded the honor and the glory that Minilik and Hailesilase enjoyed.

Using deception in which he would some times tell half-truths, and other times lie completely, he made his puppets to promote his dictatorship. As a result, Hambo, a place that was known as the heart of the Oromo revolution end up a place of division, the center of death, a place where severe restrictions are imposed on travel, communications, and other precious rights and activities.

Today, Hambo is a place where criminal gangs are sponsored, secret organizations kill and burn anyone suspected to oppose against Abiy Ahmed’s rule. All these groups use force and fear to achieve their ends. Whenever force fails to achieve their ends, Abiy is quick to use more subtle and enticing means. That is how he presents his principles and arguments in the most approved style, with great charm and grace.

In most cases, he is very careful to integrate himself into the favor of the powerful and influential among the Muslim and Orthodox church leaders. Some times, he unites with popular programs, only to use them as a means of doing that which ultimately oppresses and takes away people’s Waaqaa given freedoms.

Abiy will not ordinarily appear to do his dirty work. Rather, he will most often act through friends or acquaintances in whom he has confidence. Being corrupt themselves, his acquaintances attempt to persuade their followers to violate the standards of humanity. Moreover, Abiy whispers in unspoken impressions to entice people and satisfy their appetites or desires, and in various ways, he plays upon people’s weaknesses and desires.

“Dig a pit for anti-Ethiopian unity because there is no harm in so doing.” he would say to his killing squad members. Reference: Irkaab innaa Member, by, Abiy Ahmed.

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