Hate never breed love; False and denial of truth help no one!

Hate never breed love; False and denial of truth help no one!

Hate Speech is Not Free Speech

“I feared that this never happened, even those cited as the ‘force of change’ such as the ‘Team Lemma’ would simply be on whichever side the political power scale weighed. Yet recently my fear became reality. During the Chagula[3] visit, the tireless and diligent Oromia nationalists controlled today’s ODP (formally Oromo Peoples’ Democratic Organization (OPDO))[4] and continued to do as they pleased. They displaced many non-Oromo Ethiopians. They took advantage of unemployed youth and preached them nationalist-ethnic politics, mobilizing them towards this ‘ethnic-team’ based belief, to change our country into hell on earth. ”
Reeyot Alemu

Hate never gives love!
False and denial of truth help no one.

After reading Reeyot Alemu’s article, I couldn’t keep silent but rather say a few words. These people always contradict with their own ideas in many ways when it comes to discussing Ethiopia’s politics.

Some journalists hurried to admire Abiyyi without examining and confirming the empty words of propaganda he spits off. They only become his messengers and spokesmen instead of keeping loyal to the principles and commitments of journalism.

Immediately after Abiyyi’s swearing-in Minilk’s Palace, they boldly believed he was “an angel from God to save Ethiopia from distraction,” they said in one of their programs of current issues aired on ESAT.

The reasons for having promoted him were based on his promises to ”restore Ethiopia’s old glory” as the Amhara elites wanted it, yet it sounds as being only empty words and false promises with propaganda praising the ‘African Hitler, King Minilik.’

However, they made a U-turn dynamically after the OLF returned back home to Ethiopia. If as they say they really needed to fight for justice, freedom and equality they would have never hated the OLF for the political agenda and policy it fights for. They would have rather be able to argue against it trying to win by convincing the public instead. They must be respectful to the Organization (OLF) who paid a tremendous sacrifice for more than 45 years for the rights and freedom of the Oromo people as well as for other oppressed ethnic groups in Ethiopia. If they felt confident and brave enough they could very well face and debate openly and democratically against the political manifesto of the OLF in case it didn’t help and worked out the Oromos and rest Ethiopians. By doing so they would have gained the peoples’ support and trust in return. They never recognized the efforts of the notorious #Qeerroos, but they tried to ignore the OLF instead, who organized the #Qeerros and mobilized them with their undeniable and unforgettable sacrifices they offered resulting as beams of light of freedom (somehow) that everyone enjoys today except the Qeerroos themselves.

The worst is that they pass messages of false politics and they dare telling us that they are fighting for freedom, justice and equality while being driven by Oromo-phobia. Reyot and her other college right-wing journalists (neo-Ethiopian extremists) talk about the provocative incident that took place in Burayu and refrained from mentioning the ousting of Ormos from Ogadenia (more than 2 million), from Benishangul more than 100 000, from Borana and Guji more than 800 thousand.

What kind of justice are they fighting for? And what kind of freedom could it be?

What could it mean by just saying we should fight for freedom if they do not speak against all injustice and inequality in the country?

Reeyot Alemu: ”Ingen riktig ljusning i Etiopien”

Why do they ignore to report the genocide against the # Gumuzi people last week committed by the Amharas they worship?

What kind of journalism is it if they daily produce some false news to confuse and manipulate the people only and just enough to instigate fighting?

I doubt their journalistic impartiality while witnessing various kinds of propaganda insisting on the ethnic conflicts and turmoil in the country by reporting and establishing false news triggering stronger ethnic conflicts as the #Kagura of Rwandan newspapers did in the 1990s.

The Oromo Nationalists, on the other hand, are even accusing the OPDO of all that Oromos are being abused and persecuted until now, for the imprisonment of more than 3,500 Oromo nationalists at the moment, yet ridiculously Rehot Alemu tells us that the Oromo nationalists are controlling everything and that “they displaced non-Oromo Ethiopians.” I wonder if she is a real journalist if she could ever be serious about this.

What kind of hate has she in her mind for the Oromo people? Only God knows!

How can this be called work of journalism when this kind of hateful texts come out of a reputable journalist who allegedly paid the high price for freedom, for justice and equality as she insists?

The fact that matters most is that Abiyyi and his ODP organization still maintain the same ideology to make ‘THEM’ their Amhara elite masters happy and never to be representing the Oromos as should.

As such Reyot and her Amhara extremists’ friends should be fighting Abiyyi and his party in support of the Oromos than being against them.

The Oromos strive for their freedom by supporting the OLF until they destroy this regime and make it to the wanted outcome of self-rule and self-determination that they have been fighting for over half a century for unity, peace and harmonious coexistence of ethnic groups side by side in Ethiopia with mutual respect of each other’s rights as the Human Rights order internationally.

The Dawn is Not Her

Abbaa Waadaa Abaataa


  1. Dear Abbaa Waadaa Abaataa,

    Thank you for trying to bring to attention one of the hateful piece of writing from the so called “jornalist” of Abyssinian descent (remember Abba Bahiren?). The Oromo people, I am sure, by now are beyond being amused by the lies and fake news Abyssinian “journalists”, ” politicians”, organizations, etc., are disseminating. Since, at least, enlightened Oromo, particularly the Qubbee generation, is ahead of the backward debtera writers, Abyssinian deception and manipulative toxic politics cannot hinder the great Oromo people from ascertaining their political, social, economic, etc., space in Ethiopia and the entire region.

    The most important actors in building their political future are the Oromo people themselves. One thing, however, must be crystal clear. The great Oromo people must understand their own immense potential and work hard in unison. Maintaining superior political maturity and functioning above average is essential to Oromo politicians and leaders. Alright? Great, let me point every concerned Oromo to the interview (discussion) two Oromo Federalist Congress officials, Obbo Mulatu Gemechu and Obbo Olbana Leelissa had with Yihun Ingida of OMN, the day before or so. Hats off to those two OFC officials! They managed to clearly explain Oromo issues in a manner that clears any fog from the mind of the doubtful political innocents. Their discussion simplifies complex political affairs of the Oromo people and their relationship with political forces operating under various names. We do not need to be political scientists to grasp the realities on ground from the discussion of Obbo Mulatu and Oboo Olbana. We must learn from what they tried to say, and act accordingly.

    Qeerroo and Qarree, your comrades (Oromo bright sons and daughters) paid with their lives and you have brought the struggle of our people to where it is now. Keep up the momentum! Oromo, the sky is not the limit to the freedom and justice you are poised to achieve if you stay awke and act in unison. Your own destiny and future is in your own hands.

    Deception and toxic politics cannot stop the great Oromo people from achieving freedom and justice!


  2. Just because Jawar is poor who cannot afford rich lawyers diasporas jump on him, but the so called diaspora lawyers are not willing to jump on Abay Tsehaye Family, Sebhat Nega and alike because they know they are no match to Semhal Meles Zenawi led African Development Bank sponsored rich lawyers team that are representing corrupt government officials from Nigeria to Ethiopia.

    Abay Tsehaye & Family, Sebhat Nega & Family , Roman Tesfaye , Azeb Mesfin and alike are USA citizens, we need them to get extradited to USA .



  3. If only the leopard changes its spots, the Abyssinian will change their behaviour.
    ETHIOPIA means land-grabbing because if what Minilik had grabbed, returned to its respective natives owners, there will be no such a thing Ethiopia.
    Since Ethiopia means land-grabbing and Oromo are anti land-grabbing, it’s a crystal clear that Oromo are the number one enemy of Ethiopian (land-grabbers).
    So there is no way that you can naturally mix together oil and water under room temperature.
    And it’s time to the spade is the spade.
    Those are the land-grabber who have been totally rejected by Eritreans and Tigray republic.

    ታዲያ ማን አለ በኤርትራ ና በትግራይ የተተፋን ምራቅ የሚሊሥ??
    የተተፋ ምራቅ አይላስም ያለውስ ማን ሆኖ ???

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