History of Mr. Fekadu Megersa Gudata.

History of Mr. Fekadu Megersa Gudata

By: Wagi

Obbo Feqadu Megersa Guta (1954-2021), while hospitalized for lethal illness at Medstar Montgomery General Hospital, Passed away the night of October 20. He struggled for over a year with debilitating lung cancer and associated complications.

Fekadu was born in Metarobi, Shawa, on November 13, 1954, from his father Megersa Gudata Tufa and his mother Kuuli Nagayaa Dembooba.

The colonial settler evicted his family members from his birthplace when he was just three years old. His family informed him that a priest from Gondar was the one who dispossessed their land. The entire extended family members who were evicted and settled in Albasoo on the Kaakkaa mountain were around 200 people. At nighttime, looking over the hills was close to paradise, especially at night. The tall mountain allowed a beautiful view over the Laaqii Dennel, forest bushes, and fertile farmland.

Because of the arrival of new nafxanya settlers, his extended family members were again forced to move to Dodola in Bale. After the fourth grade, he left his family to continue his education at the Dodola school for four years. After graduating from there, Obbo Fekadu attended Commercial School in Finfinnee, where he finished with honors at age 20. He started working as an accountant at the Commercial Corporation of Ethiopia but quickly left the country on a scholarship.

In 1977, he left Ethiopia to study Computer Science in Russia. He graduated in 1983 from Kharkiv Engineering Institute but eventually left for Sweden. He attended the University of Stockholm and later became a teacher while simultaneously taking Ph.D. courses. He has his master’s in computer science and information systems science from Russia and Sweden. He was also a doctoral candidate in information and systems sciences in Sweden.

On December 19, 1993, Obbo Fekadu came to America and worked for Sprint, IBM, and Accenture for a total of 17 years.

He had always supported the Oromo Liberation Front ever since he left the Ethiopian Empire. From Europe, he traveled to Sudan between 1989 and 1990 and stayed with the Oromo Liberation Army. That was the time that OLA controlled Asosa. He thoroughly enjoyed his stay with OLA/WBO and spent three months in Khartoum and Demazin. In the committee of Tumsa, they have been working hard to make WBO strong until he became the writer of this committee. Fikadu also, contributed to the Oromo Studies Association (OSA)

Obbo Fekadu founded the Oromo-websites www.ayyaantuu.org in 2007 and its sister website www.kichuu.org and managed until his death by expanding to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter could reach millions all over the world. His websites have allowed thousands of Oromos to freely share their articles, collections, and artistic products to the entire global Oromo community. Consequently, millions of Oromo have received vital information on Oromia and Oromo society. Furthermore, because of his commitment to inform and enlighten his society that has been kept in ignorance and darkness, he was working on creating a global Oromo virtual library.

Mr. Fikadu with other Oromo individuals has built on a committee to open a television program in 2013-2014, they have been working on it for more than two years . Since OMN has started the TV program, they stopped opening the TV program and started Radio, Madda Walabu.

Obbo Fekadu contributed to the initiation and administration of the Madda Walaabu Oromo-centric radio, too. In addition, he worked for the Oromo Relief Association to support Oromos who were affected by war, famine, and a variety of diseases in Oromia and beyond.

Radio Seifa Nabalbal has also been assisting the board with various logistics and technics.

Mr. Fikadu has also, contributed to his church “Oromo Seventh Day Adventist Church” in Takoma Park Maryland.

Fekadu also created and maintained the Oromo Community of DMV website for over ten years and built and maintained the website of the Oromo Liberation Front for more than 12 years.

The honorable Mr. Fikadu Megersa, has been talking about the freedom of Oromo until his tongue was dry. His last message to Oromo was “I am on my way to go. Please be strong for the freedom of Oromo” Mr. Fikadu is such an incredible person. He is one who lives for the Oromo people even when he’s not alive.

The history of our brother, our marara, who has no hatred from anyone except love, Mr. Fikadu Megersa Gudata for Oromo community in Washington DC, we are all equal. We have nothing new to tell each other. He was the brother who lived for the Oromo not for himself; it is saddening to lose such a loved one.

Finishing all the history of Fike, it is like counting stars. Even though the death of Mr. Fikadu Megersa, is in double color, we know that it is hurting us.

We lost our brother Marara Fikadu Megersa as a human being. As a source of knowledge and skills, leadership, experience, wealth that can’t be replaced with anyone. This is not only our family but also the Oromo community. So our sorrows are double.

A man is better than when he is alive, when he is dead, his history and work comes before people. His beautiful story, pure like honey bees will be with us forever.

Mr. Fikadu Megersa and Dr. Galane Tessema have been married for 21 years and with their union they got a daughter Elaine Fikadu in 2002, they lived with an abundance of happiness and love. Their only daughter Elaine Fikadu is a second-year student at the George Washington University.

Mr. Fikadu Megersa Gudata was being treated for his illness for more than a year, but unfortunately the treatment didn’t work.

May God give his soul to him.

For their families, and for all Oromo community in the DMV, friends near and far, may God give you strength!!!!

Raadiyoonii Dirree Shaggar Oduufi Sagantaa HAQAA FI HANQII Onkoloolessa 19 Bara2014(29 OCTOBER 2021)

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