Honoring mothers and celebrating motherhood, we collected Oromo musics

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring mothers and celebrating motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, yet most commonly in March, April, or May.


  1. A Mother of two from Ethiopia got shot and killed in San Francisco California USA by two males this year in January 2020 , even though the killers admitted to the killing of the 32 years old mother of two from former state of Ethiopia Eritrea while Eritrea was under Ethiopia, no charges are filed against the killers by the USA government authorities . The international communities should know that denying Ethiopians water and their chance of being self reliant with food got so many unforseen negative consequences not only to Ethiopia but to the whole world since Children who grow up malnourished witnessing starvation related disasters got less stamina throughout their lifetime .

    A former Ethiopian famine victim as a little child who witnessed the death loosing of her parents to the Ethiopian famine starvation in the state of Eritrea who is now an independent country , who later got adopted and moved to USA later ended up having two children of her own got shot and killed by two male individuals a couple of months ago in San Francisco , California USA , ingniteing one of the most controversial legal conflicts since the killers are not charged with murder but charged the admitting killers with only gun charges since these Ethiopian lady was a former famine victim in the former Ethiopian State of Eritrea who terrorized the two males that were charged with only gun charges even if they admitted to killing the 32 years Ethiopian who was born from Eritrean family , the two men claimed they feared for their life before they shot and killed Emma Hunt so no murder charge is being filed for this 32 years old Ethiopian mother of two despite the Ethiopian Eritrean Community continuous outcry to charge the killers with murder the prosecutor is inclined to not charge them with murder saying she acted threatening towards the two male individuals exhibiting her African sides of when she grew up fending for herself and her younger sister homeless in Ethiopia after her parents died of starvation famine .

    News Break › … › San Francisco
    Web results
    SF District Attorney declines to file murder charges in Tenderloin shooting of mother


    San Francisco Chronicle › article
    SF district attorney declines to file murder charges in Tenderloin shooting of …


  2. -Meat protein diet is key for a brain to work properly .
    -Neurotransmitters of the brain are made up of Amino Acids .
    – Amino Acids are gotten from eating meat.
    – Since Woyane got to power meat had been exported from Ethiopia to other countries while locals eat after soil, Azeb Mesfin & Co. fed countries with people of great minds or countries with people of big oil money around the world such as Japan and Saudi Arabia.
    -It is a must for Ethiopia to Ban meat export out of Ethiopia so people can strat to be able to use their head .

    Tamemu Tamemu tamemu betamu

    Beand yesew gela yegira ena yeqegn chinqilat saygenagnu

    Tamenal tamenal tamenal betamun

    Neurotransmitter alqobn angetachin lay qiill eras ashekmun

    Tamenal tamenal tamenal teqenechere lij awaqiew

    Siga protein tefto Japan hilinachinin teqotaterew

    Bemekina ina bebenzil tedelilen

    Hliinachinin asalfen setten



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