How Abiy Ahmed became the 21st century Minilik

How Abiy Ahmed became the 21st century Minilik

By Bisil Gurre, September 12, 2019

Why dose colonel Abiy Ahmed thinks that his idea is so wonderful? Why does he believe what he believes or what he dose.
Let’s carefully examine the roots of Abiy Ahmed’s arrogance.

In 1990s, when the TPLF army came to Agaro town, Abiy became Tigreans preferred pimp. Upon learning what his step son was doing, Mr. Ahmed got outraged and opposed to what he thought was a wicked act. His mother on her part felt that her son was stolen from her by Tigrean soldiers but there was nothing she could do to correct the situation. Her son had made prostituting girls a way of life and lying his tradition already. Nevertheless, doing so transcended a small town boy into an easily programable virtual machine.

After the Tigre military commanders affirmed to him that his mother came to Oromia from Tigrai, three month pregnant, and he has no Oromo root, he got fully convinced and formally joined the TPLF army. That was how he stopped soliciting and became Tigreans honored solider.

After that, he got promoted to a high ranking officer level almost every year, of course battling the OLF was the major contributing factor to his success. As his sense of belonging to the ruling class reached its peak, Abiy started to contemplate about replacing Melese Zenawi and unequaled desire to become the king of united Ethiopia spread through his vein like a cancer.

The more he compared Oromos demands that their religion, language and culture to be respected in Ethiopia, to the Amhara religion, tradition and religious festivals, he gravitated to the already established christian beliefs and abandoned Islam.

Once he became the prime minister of Ethiopia, he decided to appoint the Orthodox church preachers and fixed up Minilik’s palace where he would do what Minilik has been doing; i,e, hold great banquets during the Orthodox church festivals such as new year’s celebration. Abiy thought that doing so would lead the Amharas to rejoice every thing he does and celebrating Minilik’s breast/arm cutting projects didn’t earn him Amharas love but Oromos hate. Needless to say, the Amhara established memory made Abiy Ahmed the 21 century Minilik and lunatic mythic king of empire Ethiopia born of the sun and Saturnalia.

Lunatic! because he thinks he makes no mistake and he is the origin of love, peace, and the father of a mathematical equation called “Medemer”.

The most common justification that one will hear regarding Abiy’s claim that the Oromo nationalism is going to destroy Ethiopia’s unity comes from old Nafxanya customs and intents by asserting that they are the glue that holds 90 ethnic groups together.

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