How I remember Obbo Fekadu Megersa: I always call him only Fekadu.

How I remember Obbo Fekadu Megersa: I always call him only Fekadu.

Demissie Tulu- Close friend

My first meeting, person to person with Fekadu was back in 1979, New Year time in Russia, the city of Voronezh where we conducted a meeting and form Oromo student union in the university. The meeting took place in his University dormitory.  To attend that meeting I travelled overnight from Moscow, by train, and arrived in the morning. The second time personal meeting was in (West) Berlin in late 1980 at Union of Oromo Students Union in Europe (UOSE) popularly known as TBOA annual general meeting. The third meeting was in Sweden, Stockholm. For several years our meeting was only on telephone, sometime by e-mail. My last telephone communication with him was early September 2021.

My testimony about Fekadu is: He is consistent, soft spoken, talented, supportive, resolute, and dependable comrade in Oromo National Struggle. I believe all who met and know Fikadu in Oromo movement agree with me.

Jointly we worked in several Oromo struggle issues different from student union movement. For instance he was one of the members who extended Oromo Relief Association in USA.

He took time and travelled to Sudan in late 1980s and worked in Khartoum ORA office. Taking the opportunity he went into West Oromia OLF front line, and observed OLA’s heroic achievement, and documented what he has seen, and sent us the information to UK to help us for campaign.

In my opinion there are not many Oromos who took such a determined action like Fekadu has done at that extreme difficult war climate in the region, and he witnessed Oromo movement progress in person.

After he returned to USA continued campaign, building support by forming Ayyantuu, and other online media including Oromo radio programme. His work may not be replaced by anyone Oromo; the professional gap remains open for long time to come.

Fikadu’s Oromo national and ideological determination on Oromo National Struggle is irreplaceable; he is one of the unique Oromo national figures, the upcoming Oromo generation aspire to be. Fikadu is one of the few Oromos I worked with for over 40 years.

I feel deep sorrow for Fikadu’s passing away. I miss him and his memory lives with me for life,

Fekadu: Rest In Peace,

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