I have bad news for Abiy and neo-nafxanyaas

I have bad news for Abiy and neo-nafxanyaas, YOU HAVE AWAKEN THE OROMO NATION!

Moa Abagodu, PhD, July 5, 2020

The Oromo Nation do not have a leader problem. Dawud Ibsa, Merera Gudina, Jawar Mohammed, and Bekele Garba are all our leaders. AND there are thousands ready to go that you cannot see right under your nose!

Thank you for making it clear to the very few Oromos who believed that may be, just may be it is possible to co-exist but now we are all on the same page that we are NOT “ETHIOPIAN”. Your hate and racism helped us crystallize our agenda into one. That is the COMPLETE LIBERATION OF OUR PEOPLE AND COUNTRY. From now on when you hear an Oromo say my country, he or she mean OROMIA!

Bilxiginnaan muddamtee waywaachaa jirti. Oromoon biyya keessaa fi alaan ibidda itti qabsiifnaan hafuuraa citaa jirti. Kanarraa ka’uudhaan biyya keessatti Oromoo fi saboota Oromiyaa keessa jiran walitti diruuf fiffiigaa jirti. Akkuma amma duras barsiifatan humna badii bobbaasuun sabaa fi sablammoota tuqanii ”Oromootu isin fixaa jira” jechuun walirratti kakaasuuf hojjechaa jiru. Amantilee gidduuttis wal dhibdeen akka dhalatuuf musliima fakkaatanii batasaakana tuquu, kiristaana fakkaatanii magiida haleeluu akka yaalaa jiran odeessa qabna. Kun hunduu qabsoo Oromoo haqaaf geggeeffamaa jiru cilee dibanii cubbamaa gochuufi. Halagaa of faana hiriirsanii Oromoo ukkaamsuufi. Haqa qabsoo Oromoo golganii addunyaa duratti xureessuufi.

Kanaafuu Qeerroon biyya keessaa qabsoo keessan sirna irratti qofa xiyyeeffadhaa. Sabaa fi sablammootaaf eegumsa godhaa. Isaan keessaa kan mootummaa waliin dhaabbatee qabsoo keessanitti gufuu tahu ragaa suuraa waliin miidiyaatti ergaa saaxilaa, akeekkachiisaa. Ergamtuu badii kan mootummaan bobbaasee walitti bu’iinsa amantii fi sabummaa qabsiisuuf hojjetus akkuma argitaniin bakkaa fi ragaa waliin qabaa saaxilaa. Odeessa akkasii qabatamaa tahe gama OMN farra-nagummaa mootummichaa saaxilaa. Amma karaa ittiin Oromoo ofirraa dhaaban wallaalanii gochaa abdi kutannaa akkasiitti seenaa jiru waan taheef hiree hin kenninaafii. Hagamillee dhidhiittattu barana hin baatu jedhaanii. Yaya Beshir

bad news


  1. While we mourn for our beloved brother Hachaalu Hundesa, let us plan how we can help his family, his children and his wife by establishing a foundation in his name. If we raise fund for the foundation it will help especially his young children and wife. I suggest that we establish a committee composed of different Oromo organizations who can lead us in this direction.
    I also plead with our Oromo people not to attack each other at this time. Let us concentrate on two things. To advocate for freedom of our leaders who are in prison, and how to help HH’s children. Our goal should be an independent Oromia. At the same time there are many urgent need. CD

  2. Egyptian leader told his people that one droplet of water is like one droplet of blood.The people understand what he meant cause they are united as one nation. They are over ahead in the idea there is a blood in every human.infact they giving value even for droplet of water.
    What is the Criteria to be Oromo? Who is called Oromo?
    If someone is born on oromia land, grew within the culture of oromo,spoke Oromo language and chose to marry and have kids on the land he was born and grew, Why is he being sadly to say this die a horrifying death with an axe. Is it okay with you?this is just one of the death of the 166 people that died this past week.
    We all have a red blood running in our veins. It is so humanly okay to live in peace with other humans.I share your grief on death of one of the great singers in Ethiopia who brought and show Ethiopians Oromo Culture and language through An art of Music.

  3. Why didn’t you say any thing when Abiy Ahmad was killing and poisoning people in Oromia for the last two years like his bosses by fore him.
    I cant hear you honey sorry.
    Almost forgot, being born and leaving in Oromia doesn’t mean anything, if you really love, care and respect the people that makes you Oromo.

  4. Let me tell you this: you guys are the once killed your own brother, our brother for a sake of your idiotic thinking as well as thinking like an animal. God put us in this world separate from animals because we have an organ called brain to fucken think. Whoever you call your leader, am assuming jawad which he is selling your country for fucken Egypt. Do you think you are going to survive without the people that make the country as a country in the first place. You all are savages killing innocent babies and people. I can’t not waste my time trying to teach you about a value of life because you are animals. No brain to think before you say something or take an action. I can assure you that the Ethiopian people are strong and united. Nothing will break them down even your evil actions.

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