Iccitii Abiy Ahmad Oromummaa Dhabamsiisuuf Nafxanyaa Waliin Baafate

Iccitii Abiy Ahmad Oromummaa Dhabamsiisuuf Nafxanyaa Waliin Baafate. Oromoon Lama Diina, Tokko Fira.

May 20, 2020

May 19, 2020

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  1. When it comes to
    -forming a transitional government.
    – finding abducted students.
    -resettlling the internally displaced Addis Ababa , Merkan GURAGE , GEDEO…. people back to their homes.
    – granting Sidama the Statehood status.
    – Badme Ethio-Eritrea , Sudan-Ethiopia , Somalia-Ethiopia and other border issues the “dynamite” PP chairman , Masters in Business Administration holder Dr. Abiy got no time to act due to the Covid-19 emergency , but when it comes to selling Ethiopian national interests without the approval of Ethiopians, the MBA holder Abiy finds ample times to do so despite the pandemic because his signature “telecom privatization” attempts will be profitable to his personal finances , while Lidetu Ayalew the member of the Privatisation Advisory Council opposing this plan got labeled as traitor , with Abiy who is selling the Ethiopian telecom to foreigners is treated as a hero.
    ever since MBA holder Dr. Abiy got to power he got his eyes on selling The Ethio-Telecom , Ethiopian Airlines , Ethiopian shipping lines and alike now Abiy is ready to sell the Ethio-Telecom before September comes so he makes his personal financial status prosper by making this shady deal of selling Ethio telecom during this times of State of emergency.


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