In Memory of Ethsat – የእሳት ማህደረ ትውስታ

In Memory of Ethsat – የእሳት ማህደረ ትውስታ

By Tullu Ayira, Waxabajjii 7, 2019

Press Freedom

አንተ ብቻ አዋቂ አንተ ብቻ ተንታኝ
አንተ ብቻ ሀብታም ሌላው ድኃ ለማኝ

ኦሮሞን ከጌዴኦ ለማፋጃጀት
ለፖሎቲካህ ስትል ለመለያየት
በቁስሎቻቸዉ እንጨት መሰካት
ተመልሶ ፈጀህ የለኮስከዉ እሳት።

አረ እንዴት አስመሳይ አቤት ወላዋይ
ወዲህ ወዲያ እያለ ሁሌም አዉደልዳይ
የአብን ጫማ ሳሚ ይታመናል ወይ?

የእሳት ጋዜጠኛ የአብን ዉስጥ አርበኛ
የርይዖት ተላላኪ የዚያ ሽብርተኛ

የእሳት ምድጃ ቆይ ብቻ ቆይ ብቻ
የምትቀቅልዉ ሁሉ ጥሬ ምግብ ብቻ
ከምረህ ከምረህ በዉሸት ስልቻ።

እንዲበስል ብለህ መርዝ አርከፍክፈህ
እሳት ነደደና መልሶ ፈጀህ።

አንተ ብቻ ሀቀኛ ሌላዉ ዉሸተኛ
ወይ እሳት ወይ እሳት ወይ እሳት ነዉረኛ
ባመጣሀው ዳኛ ሁነህ እስረኛ
ውሸቶችህን ታቅፈህ ከመቃብር ተኛ።

የእሳት ፅንፋኞች እንዴት ሞኞች ናቸዉ
ኦሮሞን ለማጥፋት መከጃጀላቸዉ
አቤት ትዕብታቸዉ አቤት እብሪታቸዉ
በሰኮንድ ስጠፉ ለካስ ቀፎ ናቸው::

አንተ አብይ አህመድ አንተ አባ መላ
አንዴ ሲሳይ ብለህ አንዴ አቤ ገላ
እሳቱን አጠፋህ አንድ ዓመት ሳይሞላ።

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  1. Indeed, ‘in memory of EthSAT’, which came to being to deceive Ethiopians under the guise of “free media” and died as a disgraced “false news incubator”!

    EthSST, from its inception to its expansion and death, had been underpinned by deception, lies, intentional cover ups, dissemination of false news, hatred propagandas, manipulation of facts, etc. Now, the truth has come out at last, and EthSAT has been exposed as a political party organ that operated in the dark. By presenting party organ as a “free media “, the owners of EthSAT not only deceived their audience but also cheated subscribers and funders out of their hard earned money. In fact, they might have also cheated authorities in gaining licences to operate as a “free media” if they did not declare that EthSAT was a political party organ.

    What might happen next? Those who were cheated into financing or subscribing to EthSAT, beiliving that it was a ” free media”, which was “committed to serving Ethiopians overseas and at home”, can now file claims and demand refunds of their money. Particularly, those who were cheated out of their money by the false media (EthSAT), in the west may have better chances of succeeding in getting back their money from EthSAT accounts if they choose to do so. It is worth trying to seek remedies. Even if EthSAT is considered dead, because it is now exposed as false news manufacturing party media, and some of its hatemonger propagandist “journalists” lost their positions, the individuals behind EthSAT’s decade long deceptions and false news are still meddling in Ethiopian political affairs. They always have capacities (as negative forces) to mutate and recycle themselves in more dangerous ways aimed at reimposing pseudo Ethiopianist agendas. Keep in mind the guise of “Ethiopian citizens social justice party”, where the msjority of citizens are excluded by the usual anti – “ethnic others”. They must be taught lessons and kept at bays for “history not to repeat itself”.

    Truth prevail!

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