In the next few months PM Abiy Ahmed will introduce his new vision for Ethiopia

In the next few months PM Abiy Ahmed will introduce his new vision for Ethiopia

February 25, 2019

Most probably PM Abiy’s vision will be adapted from the organization known as Vision Ethiopia established some years ago in Washington, DC. A map of the country prepared by this organization has been already shared with PM Abiy Ahmed. Most probably, he will introduce this map and other plans for the country prepared by Vision Ethiopia. Vision Ethiopia includes ESAT, Ginbot 7 and other organizations bent to revert the country back to the Haile Selassie style regime. The map produced by Vision Ethiopia is:


  1. This guy has no vision. He is totally confused of everything he is supposed to accomplish. He as an individual has nothing to do with how that empire has to move forward and be the land of justice, equality and freedom. However, the so called PM, has lost the trust of the majority and is highly instrumental for unionists , who are ready to violate the basic human rights of the oppressed Nations and Nationalities. His vision is to put the country into turmoil and bloodshed which totally brings the dismantling of that part of the Horn of Africa vanishing “Ethiopia” from the map; may be for good!!!!!!!!

  2. Oromo has been sleeping!

    Constitution is overrided. This Abiy Ahmed lost. He cheated Oromo and Oromia.

    If Afaan Oromo is not federal language, just cut Oromia now. Don’t scream with several questions.
    Answering one question will answer other questions.

  3. This map was introduced by EPRP in 1975-76.,at that time Eritra was included in Northern Ethiopian rtesurfaced in 1990 and 1991 but failed anmd EPRP was designated to be eliminated by both olf and TPLF.
    Now its resurfaced by AG7 and ADP members.
    It appears to ignite aghasty civil wars and finally to put an end end not tonl;y to federal systems but to Ethiopia in particularly
    Tigray peoplke,sidama,afar ,somali Gam,bella and others lets us leave our differences aside and let us unite to put an end to abiyu anf teketegnoch

  4. If this proposal is drafted by His excellency prime minster AAA,his academic excellency AAA turned FFF for sure, this will help the Abyssinians more strength and hold grip power as usual.Any attempt to erase national identity at this stage of development will give Abyssinians to dominate the horn. Oromo should promote as much as possible the oppressed nations to the level of oppressors in all spheres before in hurry to realize the agenda that re organize and strengthen the Abyssinians.

  5. Thanks to delete my comments. I was wrong first to post comments for Qoti gaala websites.So thank you help me to not posting comment for Qoti gaalas sites.

    It was insult to my name to post comment here.

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