Issa Community Supports Sitti/Shinile Zone people peaceful demonstrations

Issa Community Supports Sitti/Shinile Zone people peaceful demonstrations

Issa Community of Australia, April 25, 2018

The Issa diaspora totally support the Sitti/Shinile Zone people with their peaceful demonstrations and struggle against the dictatorship and murders by Abdi Illy and his clan’s government.

The Sitti/Shinile Zone people had enough of the prejudice and unfairness of the narrow-mined government of Abdi Illy and his clan. Right now, the Sitti zone people are sending their message to Abdi Illy and his government laud and it is clear that they can not tolerate any more of the bias government on the Somali region. The government has been ruling through intimidating, arresting, torturing and imprisoning innocent people. Therefore, the Sitti/Shinile Zone people are saying no more and Abdi Illy your time is up.

The youth of the Sitti/Shinile Zone are mostly unemployed while Mr. Abdi Illy bought his clans to rule and work in the Sitti/Shinile Zone. Well Mr. Abdi Illy this absolutely does not make sense to any one. The Sitti zone is the most under developed compared to rest of Somali region in terms of Education, infrastructure and health.

Currently native people of Sitti/Shinile Zone are underprivileged and deprived of their rights by the Autocratic and totalitarian government of Abdi Illy, who has ruled by intimidation, arrests, torturing and imprisonments of innocent people for a long time.

The Issa Diaspora plea to the Federal government of Ethiopia to intervene urgently to safeguard and protect the peaceful and loving Sitti/Shinile Zone people from the dictator Abdi Illy and his new police who are currently intimidating, arresting and already imprisoned more than 25 people of Sitti/Shinile Zone.

The Issa Diaspora of Ethiopia has full confidence with the federal democratic government of Ethiopia and that they will take matters to urgently safeguard and protect the Ethiopian people in the Sitti/Shinile Zone. Those people who are just simply exercising their rights by demonstrating against excessive force of Abdi Illy and his new police who wants to rule by any cost without any care for human rights.

Issa Community of Australia

April 24, 2018 Demonstrations in Shinile against Abdi Illy’s regime of terror

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