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It has been exactly one year since the OLF leadership returned to Finfinne, Oromia

By Bedassa Tadesse, PhD

It has been exactly one year since the OLF leadership returned to Finfinne, Oromia. Some may ask what has the OLF accomplished since?

I can list numerous points but the following stand out clear and bold:

That the OLF continues to rattle the Absynian mentality (see how the size of Amhara population has shrunk), remains as the Achilles hill for EPRDF and those who day dream about Great Ethiopia.

That despite all the hurdles and road blocks it faces, the OLF continues to stand tall for the rights of the Oromo people.

That the OLF has a strong and capable leadership which can’t be rattled by old antics and rotten tactics of any political group that wishes for its demise.

That the OLF remains the only vital and potent political force without the active participation of which nothing good can be achieved in Ethiopia.

That it has shown to the world again and again as long as the OLF is alive, every Oromo’s dream for peace, liberty and equality will continue to shine; no matter what, Oromos and Oromia shall be free at the end.

(Fulbaana 14, 2019, Sagalee Bilisummaa Oromoo (SBO)) – Bor Fulbaana 15, 2019. Waggaa tokkoffaa hogganni ABO itti biyya galee fi ABOn waliigaltee mootummaa Itophiyaa waliin irra gahe irratti hundaa’uudhaan ifatti biyya keessa socho’uu itti eegalee dha.

Simannaan Fulbaana 15,2018 hoggana ABOf ummatni bal’aan Oromoo miliyoona 6tti tilmaamamu Finfinnee Dirree Masqalaatti bahee simate seenaa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo ABOn hogganamu keessatti bakka olaanaa dha qaba.

Adeemsa waggaa tokkoo kana keessatti ABOn bu’aa ba’ii hedduu keessa darbee as gaheera. Wanneen herregamanii fi hin herregamin tata’an hedduun jiraachuu danda’an. Hunduu adeemsa waan ta’eef kan dhufe akka akka isaatti keessummeessaa as gahe.

Fulbaana 15 guyyaa seena qabeessa kana sababeeffachuun Tv.n ONN fi SBOn Hayyu-duree ABO Jaal Daawud Ibsaa waajjira ABO Gullalleetti argamuun dhimmoota adda addaa fi haala yeroo irratti gaaffii fi deebii godhaniifii jiran.

Gaaffii fi deebii kana guyyaa borii Fulbaana 15,2019 Tv.ONN, SBO fi Facebook Page Sagalee Bilisummaa Oromoon waan dabarsinuuf akka hordoftan kabajaa waliin isin beeksisna.

Sagalee Bilisummaa Oromoo (SBO)

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