Jaal Odaa Tarbii Interview on OLA and TDF Allegation

Jaal Odaa Tarbii Interview on OLA and TDF Allegation

Oduu Hagayya 24,2021|| WBOn Maalif Fuula Facebook akkan qabne fi Miidhaa ilman Or Saudi keessa jiran

Oduu Hagayya 24,2021|| Maqaa Leenji Gaachana sirnatin rakkoo PPn Ummatarran geesse fi Injifannoo WBO


  1. I have been walking around with a little ‘spring in my steps’ since I heard this short interview segment with Jaal Odaa Tarbii on Oromo National Media!

    Yes, what a wonderful intellect and a ferocious voice to speak on behalf of the OLA! I believe He will be an effective spokesperson in defending the National Interests of the Oromo people! I look forward to hearing him speak again in the immediate future!

    Onward to an independent & SOVEREIGN Oromo republic!
    Let’s stand with our Oromo Liberation Army!

  2. Ya Oromo,

    Overjoyed, proud, AND relieved! WE HAVE A SPOKESPERSON OF THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE CALIBER in this young man!

    Let us stand with our Oromo Liberation Army sons and daughters!

    Forward to an Independent and Sovereign Oromo Republic!


    Waqaa Gerracha Oromo Waliin!

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