Jawar Mohammed and Coronavirus

Jawar Mohammed and Coronavirus

By Worku Gadissa, April 10, 2020

እዩ የሸርሙታ ነገር!

I don’t know if you have watched, yesterday an Ethiopian lady living in USA. She posted a question on Youtube asking simple question “which do you prefer, to die by coronavirus or be ruled by Jawar Mohammed as your Prime Minister“?

The answer was astounding! I believe there were 25-30 replies of which 85% replied that they would rather prefer to die by coronavirus than to be ruled by Jawar. The answers were expected because, the ሸርሙታ asked her friends from her telephone listing and it is not difficult to recognize her ethnicity. She must be from those Oromo-phobia groups filled with racial hatred.

In the first place, she can’t differentiate the coronavirus disease from human being. There is something wrong with her. Only subhumans or animals don’t identify Covid-19 from human being.  Jawar will rule over human being only, not over unconscious animals or racially hate biased groups, like this ሸርሙታ.

By the way there is blessing in disguise or there is positive and negative aspects of hallow hate propaganda campaign like the one above. The anti-Oromo rhetoric’s will help Oromos come out of falsehood of Ethiopiawenet (read also Aklog Birara ) and build their self-identity. Every racial hate stones thrown at Oromos are dangerous and will be used to build a wall of division. The more false propaganda or old assimilation tactics used, the more it is demolishing the bridge connecting the people together.

Whether the hate-mongers like it or not Jawar Mohammed is an intelligent activist or politician in Ethiopia today. It is unfortunate, those who hate Jawar don’t have competent leader that match him. One thousands of EZEMA or Prosperity Party leaders or activists together will not make one Jawar! Col Abiy Ahmed commands over 165,000 entire army of the country, but believe it or not Jawar within one hour period can mobilize one million Qeerroo. Do you remember when Finfinne Police Commissar removed his security guards in the middle of the night and tens of thousands of his supporters surrounded his residence in no time? Furthermore, those security guards were loyal to him and did not want to go back and join the brutal and corrupt police forces of Abiy.

The late Eritrean independence father Woldeab Welde Mariam once said, “አማራ እንኩዋን ልገዛን ቀርቶ፤ ልንገዛዉም የማይመች ህዝብ ነዉ። meaning, we don’t want Amhara to rule over us or we rule them because they are inconvenient for ruling”

I do not want Jawar Mohammed to become Prime Minster of Ethiopia and occupies Menilik palace. I rather want him to be president of Chaffee Oromia.

Remember, what Prof. Merara said, “ if an Oromo enters Menilik Palace he will either destroy the country or himself”.  It suffice to look at the history of Lij Iyasu, Haile Sillase, Teferi Benti and Mengistu. Even Negus Mika’el of Wollo and Gobana Dache with sub-king titles, their lives ended up in tragedy. Watch the life of PM. Abiy too!  I prefer Oromo  first destroy the Minilik Palace and build its own palace somewhere in Oromia, not in Finfinne.

One last thought, I personally, do not want Jawar Mohammed to be neither Oromo President nor Prime Minister of Ethiopia, because of his egoistic behavior and catalytic character. I also believe that there will be a time when the Amhara will support and like Jawar .


  1. The funny thing is not about what she said but the man spent his time on data and histrical analysis to justify how habsha moron hates Oromoo. A lots of Habsha elites already wrote how much hate they have toward oromoo. Just do better thing to forwarding our causes instead of spoke person for single individual.

  2. Propoganda Amharas spewing against Oromos shows Oromos and Amharas will not!
    can not live in the same country in peace!
    An Eritrean hero and founder of today’s country called Eritrea said it best. Amharas are constant menaces to its neighbors and the most undesirable people to have even as neigbors.
    Oromos will continue losing their homelands and sanity if they don’t end usgering to Amharas. The Amharas attacks on Jewar, Oromos aint going to end soon, unless we end our marriege to our mortal enemy once and for all.

  3. The only government which should mediate this Nile Abay river issue is Eswatini ,for the month of April 2020 Eswatini is rated as the best country to live in the world.The world is starting to recognize the humble excellent leadership of Eswatini.All Africans soon will need to come to terms of what is best for the continent by all of Africa uniting inorder to be led under Eswatini .

    Let African issues be handled the African way , the sooner that happens the sooner Africa overcomes the hardships.

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