Jawar Mohammed: For English Speakers here is whats unfolding so far

Jawar Mohammed: For English Speakers here is whats unfolding so far

Jawar Mohammed, October 23, 2019

Around midnight two cars pulled up and told my security details to pack their stuff and leave the compound quitely without alerting me. The security asked them why they’re asked to leave. They were told it’s for training purposes. The security refused. Then they got a call from commander of VIP protection services who warned them to leave immediately and quitely or face consequences ( he was recorded and you can hear it from my earlier post). As pressure mounted, the security came to my room woke me up and told me what was happening. I called the commander asking for explanation. Initially he said he was just doing the routine change and they will be replaced. I pushed him why he was doing at midnight not day time. The dude broke to tears and admitted he was just following orders. He told me who gave the orders.

Why were they trying to remove my security at night? In the past whenever they made change to security, the commanders either personally call me or head my details to inform us. What changed now? If they want to arrest they could just summon me or order the sworn and uniformed federal police guarding my house to take me in. I kept calling officials to get explanation. Almost all political and security leaders deny knowing anything about it.

Then I began calling around and digging for info. Now it appears the plan was not to arrest me. The plan was to remove my security and unleash civilian attackers and claim it was a mob attack. I tend to believe this because a) I am now informed that talk of removing my security so that my adversaries can ‘teach me lesson’ was discussed privately in some circles b) There has been strange mob type conflict in the city in the last few days including one not far from where I live just about an hour before they tried to remove security from my house. Who is behind all this? Time will tell.

Now there is standoff outside. I have spoken to some government people they promise to get to the bottom of it and handle the situation. I will update you when I learn more.

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  1. Jawar is a courageous, knowledgeable, sharp activist! Such a political activist is rare! He did more than a political party can do in freeing his people from yoke of colonialism type subjugation. War against Jawar is war against Oromo people!

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