Kello Media: Waraanni Bilisummaa Oromoo Zoonii giddu galaa …

የ WBO ምርቃት እና የብልፅግና ሹመት | KELLO MEDIA (September 28, 2021)

Kello Media: Waraanni Bilisummaa Oromoo Zoonii giddu galaa miseensota haaraa leenjisee bobbaase!


  1. Kello Media,

    Rarely do I get a chance to listen to a whole segment produced by you guys, but I just watched your discussion in Amharic about the current news about the Oromo Liberation Army.

    I think you may have confirmed the nightmare Nafxagna Ethno-bigots & Oromo haters have never dared admit…Their Ethiopia is done with, because of their own conceit about their own self-worth, and their unmitigated contempt for the Oromo and the other colonized people of the south. What do the narcissists say about the Oromo among their innumerable scorn for our people?

    “Hamot yelachewume!” Hello! We shall see them around Finfinne shortly! Thanks for a great discussion about how a people’s struggle IS NOT personality based, but Principles guided!

  2. Yoni,

    I completely agree with your assessment of the current state of our people’s struggle for National Liberation and Kello’s take on it as well!

    For every weakling who falters and fails, or for every brave soul who fights and falls, the Oromo Nation is at a stage where it entertains thousands of extraordinarily motivated youth rearing to join the armed struggle for the liberation of our people from underneath the suffocating armed Nafxagna Amhara Settler State!

    This is how a system which shuts down any and all means of peaceful protest & dissent DESTROYS itself! This is why time is up for Abiy’s BRUTAL armed Amhara Settler State called Ethiopia!

    Btw, Kello Media youngsters,
    I LIKE your Oromo outfits much, much, better than your Western/European garbs! I am sure I share this sentiment with many, many Oromo people! Stick to what is ours at all times! Will you please? LOL

  3. Kello,
    Wonderful to see! You have grown by leaps and bounds both in your coverage of Oromo Affairs, and the depth of your analysis of issues concerning our people! Keep it up! Btw, can I ‘second’ I J Barreento’s suggestion about your attires in front of the Cameras? It is a great idea, I think!

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