Kenya, Ethiopia Revolutions To Topple Regimes Will Happen In 2018 – US Intelligence

Kenya, Ethiopia Revolutions To Topple Regimes Will Happen In 2018 – US Intelligence

February 17, 2018 (Political) — The US has predicted instability in Kenya that will be brought about by a revolution following last year’s controversial elections.

The US intelligence named Kenya alongside Ethiopia among countries that are likely to face political instability in 2018.

This is because the people in these countries may seek redress with regard to various grievances raised during the post election period.

In a report dubbed “Worldwide Threat Assessment of the Intelligence Community”, the US warned of a revolution of catastrophic proportions in Kenya.

“Kenyan and Ethiopian Government are likely to face opposition from the public agitating for political redress,” said the report in part.

Ethiopia PM this week resigned with immediate effect with the lawmakers declaring a state of emergency after hundreds have been left dead from demonstrations against political marginalization lasting at least 3years.

In Kenya, according to the reports, more than 80% of the population is dissatisfied with the results of the October election. These leaves a paltry 20%, about 5% less than those who voted as the support for the Jubilee party continues to dwindle with the failing fortunes of the country.

Corruption, Uhuru Kenyatta’s attack on the judiciary and the disregard for court orders, unjustified police crackdown on NASA supporters are many of the reasons that have seen Jubilee supporters breaking away from the party for fear that situation might turn ugly.

Against the backdrop of the intelligence report, the West is in a desperate push to force another term for Uhuru Kenyatta against all the evidence of the crimes committed in the run up to and during the long electioneering period.

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  1. A dream come true….,!
    Wayane and kukuuye apartheid regimes are to be dismantled soon by oppressed peoples in East Africa…
    Their colonial masters and backers have given up and accepted that bitter conclusion ….they know it is impossible to face popular uprising led by qeerroo heroes ….

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