Killing 200 Amhara youth-only quickness empire Ethiopia’s death march

Killing 200 Amhara youth-only quickness empire Ethiopia’s death march

BY Rundassa Eshete

The need to fight and kill an enemy depends on gravity and the damage the circumstances may cause any sovereign nation.

But the melodramatic killing Abiy and his cronies have been undertaking for the past 2 years in Oromia and the Amhara states don’t fit the requirements of combating the invading enemy demands at any given time.

Much of the killing, torturing and jailing of empire Ethiopia’s youth stems from lack of basic humanity, incompetence, complacency, and lack of basic decency of the so-called UNIY party, also known as Pilxigina.

The Oromians are used to death, imprisonment, harassment and to the disappearance of thousands of innocent people but the recent killing of 200 Amhara youth-only leads to a deadly breakdown of the already fracturing empire.

The power-hungry former EPRDF members who are running empire Ethiopia today lack basic humanity, sense of community and social trust, and their day to day actions are clearly endangering the natural empathy that humans should have for one another.

The disdain the people of the empire have for Abiy’s cronies may have robbed the group of sense of humanity, and thereby, the social cohesion necessary to build a peaceful society can not survive the crisis created. This is a recipe for disaster with mind-boggling magnitude.

Ever since it was created, empire Ethiopia functioned with a short supply of competent and genuine people with a sense of common good. What is sad at this point is that the empire hit the rock bottom after falling in the hands of little men who know nothing but lying about everything.

Abiy and his cronies have proved themselves to be the least credible group that ever led empire Ethiopia. In the process, human life was put in harm’s way on a daily basis.

Well, history will render judgment on Abiy Ahmed’s contribution to the collapse of trust across the empire’s institutions and the recent killing of 200 young people suggests more disaster compounded by human carnage, hate, economic disparity, and long-lasting failure.

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