KMN: Gaafiif Deebii J. Marroo fi J. Gammachuu Abbooyyee

KMN: Hidhannoon fi galaan keenya mudhii waraana mootummaatirra jira. isaanirraa hiikkanneet hidhachaa jir

KMN:- Waxabajjii 06/2020
marii hiriira fi fincila ” WGU” Ilaalchisee hooggantoota WBO lama waliin taasifne.
Zoonii kibbaatirraa Iti Aaanaa Ajajaa WBO jaal. Gammachuu Abbooyyee fi Zoonii Lixaa irraa Ajajaa WBO Jaal Marroo Dirribaa waliin.

Human rights violation at its peak in Ethiopia.
This is how Abiy security forces brutally abused the civilians in Oromia.
This short video shows how the security forces threaten a peaceful man to kill him and call him #Shane, the name they created to produce enemy image for Oromo freedom fighters and cover when they intend to arrest and kill innocent Oromo!

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