Lemma Megersa is disqualified from premiership due to addiction!

Lemma Megersa is disqualified from premiership due to addiction!

By Abbaa Ormaa, February 16, 2018

Lemma Megersa

It is also rumored that Dr Abiy Ahmad turned down the premiership citing that the office is below his grade. Way to go “Moses Abiy”.

The Oromo people are ancient to the Horn of Africa and stand at approximately 40% of the 100 million populations in Ethiopia, enough to accommodate any Oromo political organization with a sound program and competent leaders. No need to seek approval from anyone except the Oromo people.

Any Oromo political organization that cannot get support from Oromo people about Oromo should stand down and re-evaluate its manifesto or/and its leaders. Often Organizations have a great program but the wrong messenger (leader), others have the wrong messenger and great program and people won’t even bother to look their way. ODF is a prime example of the later. The rest don’t have any clue of what they are talking and keep guessing what might happen tomorrow in case they are lucky to feel bigger than they actually are. We have a prime example of this on Medias for all to see and no need to mention names.

Those who are rejected by the Oromo people get under the armpit of any group that is willing to use them against the Oromo people. The Oromo people are not hungry to replace one OPDO by another OPDO. They just need their country back! And this is possible only with independent Oromo political organizations organized for the same.

In a recent public even, a prominent member of the Oromo Democratic From, sitting beside Prof. Mesfin W/Mariam, turns around and says to the professor with passion that it is his wish that the Professor lives to see a democratic Ethiopia. There is nothing wrong with this statement except that it comes from seeking acceptance and approval. The sad thing is, the Professor swatted him down like a fly before the meeting was over.

Don’t get me wrong here. Strategy and tactics are normal in politics but to solicit and seek approval from others is the product of unliberated minds. To liberate others first you have liberate yourself! For me the first requirement to represent Oromo is to liberate body and mind of oneself. Unliberated mind is susceptible for blackmailing and many dangerous things.

Another example is that of Lemma Megersa seeking approval from his Amhara counterpart went as far as saying being Ethiopian is addiction. Personally I don’t want him close to the premiership for simple reason that he confessed that he suffers from addiction!  It does not matter if you are addicted to one , good or bad, you are susceptible to many. Even though Dr. Abiy Ahmad also has the same addiction problem, he turned down the premiership for completely different reason. He cited that this office is below his grade. Way to go “Moses Abiy”.

In Oromia, the Oromo people are united and standing in unison for a clear goal.  Free Oromia!  Qeerroo has a proven mature leadership that sustained the movement in an African China we are where we are because of that. There is only one other Oromo organization that sustained itself through the thin and thick. We leave that topic for another day.  Or else shut up and live your life if you have one. Diasporas please let us do one of two things. Drop our poisons, egos, self-proclaimed leadership mantra and help Qeerroo achieve its goal.

The Oromo people are forgiving. It is not late to confess and join Qeerroo. You will be happy and part of a generation and movement destined for greatness!

Oromia Shall be free!


  1. Lamma’s adiction to Emiye Minilik is a dangerous issues that all Oromo should rejct Lamma .as his adiction would creat confussins among the Oromos as its contrary to our aspirations

  2. Jowar Mohammed and his sidekicks are conspiring with Amhara and TPLF to high jack the Qeerroo struggle. Wake up Oromo and stop this traitors!!!

    Oromo waan kanaa barechii ittii yadii!!!!

    • Beka – you are Very confused. When you say qeeroo, who are you referring to. All qeeroo and the all Oromo people are with Jawar and you better rediscover yourself if you are real Oromo.

  3. Qeerroo heroes and all great people of Oromia please let me have your attention for a moment.
    Don’t waste your time and risk to lose this golden once a 100 year chance.
    Abyssinian apartheid system can’t be reformed…it is impossible …it must be distroyed once for all..
    Don’t distract please… qeerroo generation they know what they doing..they will take back every thing belongs to Oromia and then dismantle apartheid system for got…that is it..no other way ladies and gentlemen…read history books please…! OK ?
    Abyssinian truly thinks that own us ( oppressed nations in east Africa ) especially rich Oromia nation which they depend looting their resources.
    Look statics of apartheid Abyssinia airlines
    It is a shame !!! You call this Ethiopia airline?
    Get back Oromia nation
    Oromia shall be free
    And rest of oppressed nations in fake Apartheid Abyssinia will follow suit

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