Like it or not, Ethiopia is a dying project

Source: Mereja Forum

Ethiopia is once again on the verge of disintegration as the various ethnic groups of these regions want liberation from the entity called Ethiopia, After all, as we all know, Ethiopia is not really a nation but it has come into existence due to the arrogant and egoistic European imperialism in Africa.

The Republic of Oromiya profile

In terms of landmass and natural resources, Oromiya is the second largest and richest state in Ethiopia after Somali state, It is the most densely populated state in the HOA, It also has the highest number of unwanted immigrants in the HOA..

Today, more than 15 million uninvited and unwanted immigrants living in Oromiya are those from Amhara state, Wolayta zone, Gurage zone, Hadiya zone, Tigray state, etc, but no worries, Oromo nationalists will chase them away.

Oromiya is stronger than ever before.

Determined Tigrayans.

This is strange but Ethiopia is lucky to have the honorable president of the Somali state Mustafa Mohammed Omar, He always preaches about peace, Ethiopianism and dismiss TPLF and OLF as nothing.

The honorable president of the Somali state.

Wolaita Protest

Amazing Wolaita Protest


  1. To Mereja Nafxagna Oromo Haters,

    You are not the ones to teach the Oromo People how to live in peace with other nations of the Horn of Africa!

    What we the Oromo people want is to get rid of those of you armed Amhara Settler State beneficiary parasites, who have lived off of our labor and toil without contributing any thing to the well-being of our nation! Hate is a synonym for you not for us: after all, aren’t your representative Abiy and your Amahara militias on a mission to wipe out your cousins, the people of Tigray off of the face of the Earth?

  2. To Mereja Folks,
    Your conceit about your self-worth AND your contempt towards the Oromo and the other people of the South DESTROYED YOUR ETHIOPIA FOR YOU!

    Now, get used to the idea that, whether you like it or not, there will be an Independent and Sovereign Oromo Republic next door to your Amhara State. (You got used to Eritrea’s independence, so you have a reference point!)

    You can do your POOR Amhara people a favor by preparing them to learn to live in peace with our people and the rest of your former colonial subjects!

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