“Love” Word and unfairly exploitation of the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed: the Role of Amhara Regional State

 “Love” Word and unfairly exploitation of the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed: the Role of Amhara Regional State

ANF, October 22, 2019

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been surrounded mostly by Amhara in the capital city. The Amhara Regional State where Amhara political parties supposed to serve people accountably is not in Oromia Regional State, Somalia Regional State, Tigray Regional State, and SNNP Regional State, neither in other regional states. However, Amhara political parties supposed to serve in the Amhara Regional State. Their federal elected representative can work with other political parties formally. The constitution set the regional boundaries for each of the regional states.

The odd thing is, intentionally, the Amhara people cleated various informal organizations. They refused to abide by the rule of law, for example, “Balader Council”. They preach to the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed a word “love”. He echoes the same word to the public. They write a book called “medemer” and exploit the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed by word “love” to sell out the book to the public. The purpose of “medemer” book is overall about unity and love. By the disgust of this shallow abstract, it appears that the Amhara wants to colonize nation, nationalities and people into a single state.

Tigray regional state wisely distanced itself from such activities, because the action of Amhara people runs on the contrary to the constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. They interested to merge political parties into a single which is called Ethiopia Prosperity Party (EPP). This creates a vacuum to administer a specific region once the exiting regional political parties would merge into one.  No problem, the Amhara say “love”, and the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed steering wheel to where they want to destine. This approach though opposed by the various regional states in Ethiopia. After listening to the word “love” and appreciations repeatedly, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed attempted to induce the ODP to form EPP.

Well, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed seems earned more respect after he was awarded Noble Peace Prize. Sometimes, it is difficult to judge Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed because he has been driven by “love” and heightened with the awarded. This seems emotional driven? However, even if the unrefined fuel is Amhara Regional State, his intentional or unintentional statements create conflict in the country. There are several opposing views surfacing on social media. There are statements issued by political parties to against his move.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appears to need the word “love” only that may trick him to breach constitutional rights. As civilized nations, one of the constitution rights is each regional state administer their specific region. On the contrary, the Amhara people have been engaged in land-grabbing. Last week only, many Amhara people boarded on several buses and traveled to the capital city out of their Amhara Regional State. It doesn’t mean all Amhara people.

When they were stopped by law enforcement, they started to make a lot of noisy through mass media (e.g. ESAT, ETHIO 360). They defamed Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed; otherwise, he has to submit to their interest. They interviewed Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s office. His secretary office stated as no need to stop massive relocation from Amhara Regional State to the Oromia Regional State. After most of them harbored in the capital city of Oromia, they have been holding meetings. Some are violent enough to hurt people in the city.  Some of them merged with other Amhara Political parties in the Capital city of Oromia and started the election campaign in Oromia Regional State. They also claimed land or houses from Oromia Regional State.  Another funniest thing is Amhara established “Baladar Council”, which has no legal license; they claimed to administer the Oromia capital city. Is that not interesting to illegally settled and then to claim everything out of their Amhara Regional State?

Beyond lip service with the word “love” to the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, implicitly, the Amhara Regional State has also organized illegal military force including FANO. They uttered to wage war on Oromo. The Amhara acted on Qimant grossly just like dangerous animals. For example, video footage shows that Amhara held two legs of a Qimant man and dragged him alive scrapping his both hands on the graveled road. Group of Amhara were pulling the victim, storming the victim all over physical body with large sticks and stones. They also attacked other ethnic groups, including Gumuz, Tigre, Oromo. They jailed other minorities, for example, Oromo, Qimant, in the Amhara Regional State.

A journalist from an impartial mass media (e.g. OMN) strived to report, but the Amhara Regional State conceals those crimes. The Amhara who has been living in the capital city of Oromia, then, was daring enough to write an official letter that accused OMN while they were enjoying employment in the Oromia Regional State. Also, they have been attacking Jawar Mohammed on various mass media being he is an Oromo, a brilliant political analyst. Government assigned security for Jawar Mohammed. Unfortunately, unidentified people want to his living residence in the night of October 22, 2019 and called out security people to leave Jawar Mohammed alone. This attempt should not be taken lightly.

On the other hand, the Amhara drove Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to put the abusive military command post that has been killing people at other regions including Wollega, Gujjii of Oromia regional state. Some of the victims were women, daughter, and civilians. Others are WBO which is preferred by Oromo. People started to rally against Amhara Regional State for undue intervention in the affairs of other regional states in Ethiopia, mainly illegal land occupation in Finfinnee. Rationally, people started to claim land expropriated, and real state built.

The Amhara also denied other people to practice freedom of religious. For example, Oromia Orthodox is opposed by Ethiopian Orthodox Church. The Amhara held rallies on this. They insistently met with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and President of Oromia regional state to cease the freedom of religion. They marched rally stating that Churches were burned down, just to oppose the establishment of Oromia Orthodox church.  The fact on the ground is that the hidden motives of Amhara are to suppress Afaan Oromoo, get land from Oromia, and collect the income. Oromo has been resisting such exploitation in Oromia Regional State. The Churches were indeed burned down, typically, during the transition season, but that was not at this time.  The Amhara also vandalized, stole and burnt properties of other ethnic groups.

If EPRDF has answered people’s questions that include self-determination, land and federal language, it was a good idea to establish a few political parties at the national level. However, without answering people’s questions in the first place, establishing new EPP is the worst option to subjugate the language, self-determination and culture of other regions in Ethiopia.

Amhara Regional State is an issue almost for all regional states in Ethiopia. They should have to move and operate in their specific region. They need to create peace in their specific region. They need to stop false propaganda.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed needs to be encouraged for impartiality, uphold the rule of law and constitutional rights. He needs to withdraw military command post from Oromia Regional State. It is wise to listen to people’s questions, hold discussions, and answer the people’s questions in the first place rather than he is driven to act against the interest of people. He needs to hold accountability of each region state.

Military force on people is not the right solution. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed like a word of “love”, probably from his kindness, just for this word alone though, there is no place in this world to give land, dispatch military command post, squeeze political parties, and allow illegal settlement from other regions. He is trapped in that if he doesn’t execute what Amhara wishes, he will get defamation. If he executes what Amhara wishes that breach constitution rights and other legal entitlements of a specific region, and people will not allow him.  Hence, he could have transparently participated in stakeholders.

  • Amhara Regional State must operate in their specific region.


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  1. I liked the picture of Abiy carrying Abyssinian kings and other political elites. I feel that he faced challenges as other Oromos who were serving the interest of the “Ethiopian” state for years. I recommend to him that to unload his load of carrying these butchers and return to his people if at all he is representing the interest of the people he belonged to. Otherwise, he will face challenge as other have faced to defend the rights of the expansionist Amhara elites and their tutelage.

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