Marii Araaraa WBOn Cibraa Soddom Booroo Hawaasa Oromoo fi Somali Waliin Gaggeesseen Milkii Argate

Marii Araaraa WBOn Cibraa Soddom Booroo Hawaasa Oromoo fi Somali Waliin Gaggeesseen Milkii Argate

Oduu hatataama Naannoo Oromiyaa magaalaa Finfinnee irraa Ammaa nu gahee, September


  1. Bravo WBO! Your approach to resolving disagreements between our communities in such an amicable and respectful manner is a testament to the bright future for both our peoples, once we are free of the REPRESSIVE Nafxagna Amhara settler state and its operatives!

    This is the BEGINNING of NEW & PEACEFUL relationships being formed at our own initiative; the rejection of Nafxagna Amhara Settler State instigated ARTIFICIAL conflict between TWO blood brothers, and the refocusing of our energies on PRODUCTIVE endeavors, rather than wasting it on useless and harmful bickering between the Somali and the Oromo communities!

  2. Wow Yoni!
    What a wonderful observation! “Divide and rule,” a principle perfected by the English Empire, is a Colonial mode of operation; which the armed Amhara Settler State of Ethiopia has been putting to work by CREATING artificial conflicts between blood brothers,FOR EXAMPLE, the Somali and the Oromo communities!

    I am just ecstatic watching what our sons and daughters of the Oromo Liberation Army have been doing to SOLVE the FAKE conflict–Bring the elders of the two communities together and lay down the law: “You are both the CHILDREN OF KUSH AND THERE IS NO NEED FOR BECOMING A TOOL FOR OTHERS AGAINST YOUR OWN PEOPLE! NOW, GET ON WITH YOUR LIVES!”

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

    This is why we WANT the people of the Empire State of Ethiopia to be accorded the opportunity to solve their own problems, form their own relationships, based on WHAT WORKS FOR THEM, RATHER THAN REMAIN IN THE CLUTCH OF A SYSTEM WHICH PROMOTES WHAT WORKS IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE ARMED SETTLER NEFXAGNA AND ALIEN POLITICAL CLASS!

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