Mayyu Mulluqe Massacre Images! The network was blocked to stop truth to come out

They Matter Mayyu Mulluqe Massacre Images! The network was blocked to stop these images and their truth to come out

By Najat Hamza, August 25, 2018

The truth they tried to hide by cutting Network. You might delay the truth, but truth never dies. These are the lives we lost. These are the lives ignored. These are human beings. I hope your seats are comfortable and warm. I hope your lies, deceits and silence will hunt you for the rest of your days.

They are people like you and me. They dreamt of freedom. The right to live their lives. They were silenced by unjust death and killed all over again by blocking their truth to emerge.

They said “ do not disturb the reform agenda!” and be patient. They put their hunger for power and collected the sellouts, opportunists, 15 minuets fame seekers, and those who only care about their piece of the pie.

They cut Network from the entire region to stop their stories while refusing to even mention these atrocities. There were no words of sorrow nor an apology to the people they failed, to the nation they failed. You DO NOT Represent US.

You all are responsible, you ate the hands that fed you. You ate and still eating the people who fought to make sure the very identity you gloat with, the language you use to erase them, Oromia as our land and our culture to remain. They fought bitter fights for us to be here. They deserved respect and honor from the nation they helped curved, instead you sponsor their erasure.

They are my heroes, the reason I am proud to say I am Oromo. The reason fighting for freedom was our duty. You are all trading with the blood of the braves to secure your cheap seats. As long as I am here on earth, I will tell their stories, stand for their principles and fight the good fight no matter what the costs.
#HRW #UN #AmnestyInternational #EU #Ethiopia

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