By Guddisaa Mul’ataa, December 24, 2019

The Essence of Oromo National Liberation Struggle:

Generations of Our People have been waging a relentless and bitter struggle for over a century to reclaim our homeland, restore our heritage, reaffirm our dignity and NATIONAL PRIDE.

To achieve this noble goal, the best and brightest Oromo daughters and sons have paid the ultimate price – their dear lives. It must be crystal clear to friends and foes that we are determined to go all the way until victory is achieved, cost what it may.

The futile attempts to manipulate our past acrimonious experiences to recreate the Ethiopia myth will never succeed. It will rather exacerbate the tense situation, aggravate the pain, and ultimately mount up our resolve, commitment and determination for Oromo National Cause.

The Ethiopia Myth as the core of the problem:

The problem underpinning the chronic situation that has been rocking the empire thereby consuming generations is lack of the will to address head-on and define the nature of the empire in order to tackle the historical injustices and resolve the underlying contradictions. The solution to this predicament undoubtedly demands an earnest approach, correct description and appropriate understanding of the nature of the empire. The attempts to deny the historical facts and continue telling the mystic tales can only further complicate the problem.

The so-called Ethiopia is an empire. The will of the ruling segment of the Amhara elite was imposed on the nations incorporated into the empire by brute force. The subject nations suffered deprivation of their human rights, economic exploitation and cultural suppression.

Therefore, the relationship that existed in the empire was not as often ceremoniously presented fraternal, harmonious and equitable, but that of master and slave. The blatant denial of this historical facts to preserve the status quo is the main obstacle to the resolution of the longstanding conflict that forced the subject nations to bear arms and fight back to reclaim what they lost.

The perpetual wars of aggression and domination waged by the military and security forces of the empire against the defenseless peoples have resulted in the loss of countless lives and consumed immeasurable resources. Nevertheless, the massive and excessive force employed by the empire holders couldn’t deter the quest of the people for freedom.

In due course, Eritrea got its independence while the rest settled for the recognition as Nation States and entered a federal arrangement as a form of coexistence: Self-rule of the nation states and shared rule at federal level. The post-1991 formal recognition of the Nation States was politically a landmark achievement and a stepping-stone towards a lasting solution.

federalism as the Highest Common Good for a multinational coexistence:

Reaching an agreement on the concept of federal coexistence was a step forward in that it recognized the existence of the Nation States though not effectively implemented. However, the myth that Ethiopia is a unitary nation-state was factually and fundamentally debunked. The acceptance of the concept of Nation States is grounded on historical facts and effected as a result of the rise in self-consciousness, bitter and relentless struggles of the subject nations for a long time.

The political recognition of the nations and formal federal arrangement didn’t practically materialize due to the egomaniac nature of the TPLF which led to the breakdown of trust. The hegemony of the TPLF and its cumulative excessive dominance in all spheres of life: Social, political, economy, military and security apparatus compounded with administrative malpractices inflamed and reignited the struggle of the Oromo Youth: Qarree and Qeerroo that ultimately sent the TPLF to its home court.

The change brought about by the countless sacrifice of the Oromo youth could have ushered in a lasting solution for the chronic problem that gripped the empire for over a century except for the bad faith with which PM Abiy Ahmed usurped power and continues to maintain turning on the very force that got him the premiership and global prominence as a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

ODP and ADP: The irony of history

ODP and ADP (reborn OPDO and ANDM) were TPLF’s accomplice in the crimes committed during the 27 years in power and were supposed to be held accountable for their misdeeds and accompany their master in the departure from power. However, In the absence of a capable political organization that could assume power after the ouster of the TPLF, despite their partnership in crime ODP and ADP artfully maneuvered their way back to power confessing that they are clean slate democratic converts.

The coalition of ODP and ADP is intriguing in that it appeared as an alliance to get rid of the TPLF supremacy and usher in a democratic polity. Particularly the acronym ODP served as a façade to give a semblance of Oromo representation whereas their agenda remained diametrically opposed to the national interest of the Oromo people. In fact, under the auspices of Abiy, ODP quickly found a new master and evolved to a subset of ADP skillfully infiltrated and overtaken by the later (ADP-ODP cross-pollination, where ODP displays the recessive trait). Finally, OPDO/ODP officially deserted the Oromo camp by dropping the Oromo-prefix and reclaiming its true self – undercover Nafxanya, camouflaged ODP. Evidently, Abiy Ahmed masquerading as oromo representative is the mastermind of all these machinations and manipulations working hand in glove with neo-Nafxanya.

Abiy and Abysinian Politics of Treachery, deceit and double dealing:

Abiy got to the helm of the political establishment and international prominence at the cost of Oromo blood and treasure – literally stepping on the blood of our youth. Incredibly, while working for the TPLF, Abiy was operating underground with diehard neo-Nafxanya, posing himself as Oromo nationalist at the same time. Unquestionably a master-spy embedded in Oromo camp, Abiy was working against Oromo National Interest. He was the enemy from within. Abiy and the neo-Nafxanya’s prime target is OROMUMMAA since they consider Oromo Nationalism as a threat to the ideology of unitary-Ethiopia fashioned in Minilik’s image.

Abiy as the mastermind in the Conspiracy against Oromo:

Abiy sees the self-realization of the Oromo people as a threat to his political ambition. Abiy’s coldblooded, deceptive and manipulative political power calculation is a vivid manifestation of his Machiavellian character. This extreme powermonger with insatiable ambitions determined to use all means available to him to maintain his status remains a very dangerous man if left unchecked.

Abiy’s Policy directives to undo Oromo Nationalism:

  1. Indoctrination of Oromo youth: The attempt to re-educate Oromo youth to unlearn their identity
    • Introduction of Amharic from 1st grade to recede Afaan Oromoo and replace it in due course
    • Rewriting history textbooks to replace existing ones that pronounce Oromo history and heritage
    • Uprooting Oromo university students from their social base and assigning them to hostile Amaaraa region to frustrate, demoralize and desensitize the youth; ultimately to depoliticize Oromo society by disengaging the dynamic social force – Qarree and Qeerroo
  2. Recruiting and corrupting Oromo elites to desert Oromo camp and join the ranks of neo-Nafxanya to energize the anti-Oromo sentiment thereby romanticizing and reinforcing Minilik’s expansionist and assimilationist ideology
  3. Intimidating and incarcerating Oromo Nationalists
  4. Instating command posts wherever resistance builds up.

Nullifying the cause of the struggle and an attempt to reverse the course of history:

  1. The symbolism of resuscitating Minilik and refurbishing his palace: Abiy has proclaimed publicly that the driving force governing all his efforts is to realize his prophesized predestination to become a singular powerful man, a
  2. Re-Instating centralization and a strongman’s rule: To realize his ambitious agenda, Abiy has set forth in motion two elements of politics:
    • “Meddemer”: An assimilationist doctrine and politics of dominion
    • “Bilxiginnaa Party”: A vehicle to realize the assimilationist doctrine, an autocratic party dictatorship
  3. Resurgence of Nafxanya and reinstating Minilk’s legacy: To fulfill his personal ambitions, Abiy coalesced with neo-Nafxanya providing them with space, resources, and air-cover. Emboldened by the newfound partner-in-arms, the neo-Nafxanya are unleashing a multifaceted assault against Oromo.

The tragic consequences of Abiy’s agenda:

Had the transition been managed sincerely and responsibly, the immense sacrifice paid by generations of our people would have finally ushered in the much-needed change. Unfortunately, the course of change has been hijacked by Abiy and his Nafxanya associates. Sadly, we are heading for unforeseen conflicts and uncertainties. All these are the makings of Abiy.

Therefore, Abiy alone shall be exclusively and fully responsible for all the consequences.


To avert the looming danger, it is imperative to do the followings without delay:

  1. The Oromo forces must close ranks urgently and act in unison genuinely and wholeheartedly prioritizing Oromo National Interest as a matter of emergency and absolute necessity;
  2. Oromo as a nation must exert maximum pressure on all Oromoo forces such that they articulate Oromo National Interest unambiguously and fight for it unreservedly in unison. Any force that renegades on our National Interest must be disavowed summarily;
  3. A principled, well thought, efficient and functional coalition of the Federalist Forces must be forged immediately and render it operational.

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