Message to the Hararge Qeerros

Message to the Hararge Qeerros

by Najat Hamza, June 17, 2018

The history of Oromo struggle have documented the love we have for our entire Oromo nation and people. There is no argument there, however we also need to stand and represent our region in every corner during this time and the time after that. Most of political leaders in Hararge region from the bottom top mostly do not come from this region there for mostly are not interested in representing people’s needs.

We struggle as people and we have died together, jailed together and have been suffering together under many repressive regime in the past. Now, is the time for every corner of Oromia to come together and represent their local needs while contributing in securing our need as an Oromo nation.

I am not well versed in the Ethiopian constitution but in the country that I live, United States residency is required to represent an area. One cannot just come to a city, a district or wherever an run for office, they have 5 or 7 years residency in their perspective area to represent the people. I think this policy should be implemented not just in Hararge region but all over Oromia and the entire Ethiopia.

The fallout of the border issues and many other unsolved problems in Hararge region and elsewhere can be contributed towards leaders who come from other places working for their bottom lines and who do not have real ties to the communities they claim to represent. This might not happen over night, it might take a while but it needs to happen. In building representational democracy all have a say in what impacts their own local communities as well as shaping the national agenda. The transformation of local grassroots leadership position and practices needs to be a top priority.

Dear Hararge people, fighting to secure your local communities and local issues do not make you less of a nationalist, in fact that is how we build a great Oromia. We build a great Oromia/ Ethiopia one local community at a time. We have skills, we have financial capabilities and leadership experiences there is no reason now excuses to not put that to work and stand for the people who have paid every thing for each one of us to have a voice today. They did not do that only for those of us born in Hararge, they did it for all of Oromia. So, come to the light and represent your people, your region and Oromia. It is not either or situation. It is win-win.

In conclusion, we will continue to fight until all of Oromia is free from the eastern corner to West and from Southern corner to the north. At the same time, we have to strengthen our local communities and cities and protect what is ours.

We build Oromia one community at time from East to West and South to North. I will invite constitutional scholars and the veterans of the struggle to draft a way forward regarding this issues and like any issue regarding Oromia I will contribute what little I can. Those who are sitting on great ideas, platforms and so on, contact me directly.

Thank you, moving forward with change!

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