Militant Populism and Embracing Colonial Legacy of Otherness: The Crisis of Abiy’s Fake Election in Ethiopia

By Dr. Eshete Gemeda, June 22, 2021

Political poverty is the poverty of all time. The road map to authoritarianism and seeking borderless power not only corrupt the soul absolutely and impoverishes the human mind completely, but also creates a failed leadership characterized by the spirit of violence, ethical squalidness and bitterness.

Ethiopia is a colonial-modelled empire which can be portrayed as a “Prison House” where pluralistic democracy and a sense of common humanity are denied for decades. Ethiopian leaders have never been the source of peace and hope. Abiy Ahmad, who cherished old feudal paradigm, devoted himself to the losing cause and tried to demonstrate that negative legacy and political dogma of his predecessors – empire builders of the past.

Abiy’s “Fake Election” of today shows nothing but how the drama of ‘abyss of ignorance’ unfolds itself. Celebrating militant populism, savage tempers and embracing anachronistic political philosophy of hostility will lead to his shameful downfall and the falling apart of the fractured country.

Abiy Ahmad’s colonial agenda of excluding the Oromo opposition parties from Ethiopian political scene will complicate the ongoing conflicts and create more destructions. Let me underline once again that intimidation, horror, incarceration and the force of genocide cannot and will not tame the Oromo people. The colonial empire state which Abiy Ahmad wants to reconstruct in the 21st century is nothing more than hallucination. Pressing on the conspiratorial method of ‘election rigging’ does mean to ‘harvest weeds of destruction.’

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