Military and Foreign Affairs Network: The Tigray conflict enters new phase

The Tigray conflict enters new phase

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Following information (Update)
Members of Sidama region left Hawassa camp saying they will not participate in the northern war.
Sidama Regional Police has announced that the Sidama regional police protest that was taking place between Tigray and Amhara regions.

It has been known that the only 10 officers left in camp were displaced from their families and relatives.
It is known that the region’s cadres were preparing to send back 200 special forces.

It has been said that this issue of participating in the war between the regional leaders.

In addition, there has been a public protest and complaint saying ′′ the regional authorities are going to send an organised agenda to protect the people of the region

This is how the regional and Hawassa city police have been called to the regular meeting. We will report that it is necessary to follow the meeting.

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