Military and Foreign Affairs Network: Tigray and horn of Africa update

Military and Foreign Affairs Network: Tigray and horn of Africa update

Tigray War: New Updates

Foreign document Exploring the truth of the Ethiopian region

If you want to understand the violence and massacre of the Oromo people, there is more than enough evidence ::

  1. Bulatovich has been singing with Menelik’s army in 1900 and it has stated that the book ′′ Ethiopia Through Russian Eyes ′′ has reduced the number of Oromo people.
  2. Martin De Salvik has predicted that the French Catholic Mechaner (1900) ′′ The Oromo: Ancient Africa Nation ′′ has dropped from ten million to five million in this invasion.
  3. August 18, 1895 The New York Times newspaper, Emperor Menelik wrote that it was widely implemented by taking children and women.
  4. February 26, 1895 E.C. has announced that the brutal New York Times newspapers of Menelik has recently launched a campaign under the title of King Menelik on Oromo people in South Abyssinia.
  5. August 2,1874 E.A.A. New York Times newspaper says Abyssinia slaves are sold every year from 80,000 to 90,000 slaves to 90,000 and the king will buy slaves from the east. More than 1.2 million Ethiopians have sold slavery (Mekuria Bulcha) ::
  6. Eritreans have cut off the right hand and leg of the three thousand oromos in Anole including cutting their hands and breast.
  7. November 7, 1909 The New York Times newspaper published on Astu Abyssinia King Menelik and the US railroad crossing the top owner of the stocks of the new railroad. This railway is over $ 7. million plus in Belgium and Eskandinia. cities have listed that they have stock in the gold manufacturer company. If we ask where all this property comes from, it is clear that it is stolen from the invaded nations and nationalities. According to this, Menelik soldiers from Arsi 66,000 horn cattle (professor Mekuriya Bulcha), 18,000 (better) than Wolayta 18,000 (Southern Omo 40,000 (Jijiga 50,000) etc… stolen.
  8. I am not black the man who came from 8. th west india to Addis Ababa and asked Benito Silvian to be the leader of black people. They fired him saying he’s a semawi. Haile Selassie called HO Davis, the famous black right fighter and Marques Garvey, has denied their African identity by saying I am the race of Solomon. These are unbelievable, ashamed of their Africanism, educated and insecure.
  9. All Oromos were ruled during the second tenure of Menelik, he went to Amhara law and order, the priests didn’t teach one Oromo. Instead of the first grudge put more grudge in his heart and take the land away easily. Confirm the king with this preaching saying one joke and one joke. They thought they thought they thought about the government and a joke for the king, a soldier… They will share the land and rule Oromo as a slave but they didn’t show him the way of Christ. And they didn’t learn God’s way well, and teachers will deny it when it comes…

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