Murtii fi Kutannoolee Kora Addaa ABO

Murtii fi Kutannoolee Kora Addaa ABO

Waxabajjii 28, 2019

Ajjeechaa ABO Mirga Resolutions of the Oromoo Liberation Front National CouncilAddi Bilisummaa Oromoo waggoota 43 booda yeroo duraatiif Magaalaa Finfinnee keessatti Kora gaggeeffate. Erga bara 1976 Korri Bu’uuressaa ABO Magaalaa Finfinnee keessatti gaggeeffameen asitti yeroo duraatiif kan gaggeeffame Korri seena-qabeessi kun Kora Addaa ABO kan Dhaabicha Boordii Filannoo Biyyoolessaa Itoophiyaatti galmeessuu akeekkate dha. Korri kun Waajjira Muummicha Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo kan Gullalleetti argamu keessatti lafa bakka bu’aan Boordii Filannoo Biyyoolessaa Itoophiyaa argametti gaggeeffame. Waxabajjii 28, bara 2019 kan gaggeeffame Korri kun akka armaan gadiitti Murtii fi Kutannoolee dabarfatee ka’e.

Nuti bakka bu’ootni miseensota ABO Godinaalee Oromiyaa fi Mootummoota Naannoolee adda addaa irraa walitti dhufnee Magaalaa Finfinneetti Waxabajjii 28, 2019 Kora geggeeffanne Murtiilee fi Kutannoolee armaan gadii dabarfannee milkii fi injifannoodhaan xumurannee jirra.

  1. Sagantaa Siyaasaa fi Heera ABO irrati marii bal’aa gaggeessinee wayyeessa haala keessa jiramu wajjin deemu itti goonee raggaasifannee jirra.
  2. Hooggana ABO kan hanga Kora itti aanuutti qabsoo karaa nagaa fi dimokiraasii qindeessuu fi to’atu filannee jirra.
  3. Hanga Kora itti aanuutti dhimmoota seera/sirnaa fi naamusaa, akkasumas, qabeenya Dhaaba kanaa kan to’atu Koree Naamusaa fi Toohannoos filannee jirra.
  4. Qabsoon karaa nagaa fi dimokiraasii akka milkaawuuf, Dhaabota Ummattoota hundaa waliin hariiroo qabsoo Dhaabni keenya qabu dinqisiifachaa, kun daran cimee akka itti fufuu qabu murteessine.
  5. Waliigaltee Mootummaa Itoophiyaa waliin goone itti cichuudhaan karaa nagaa fi dimokiraasii Mirgi Hiree Murteeffannaa fi dimokiraasii Ummata Oromoo fi Ummattoota hundaa akka mirkanaawuuf fi nageenyi waaraanis akka argamuuf cimsinee hojjechuuf murteeffannee jirra.
  6. Wareegama Ummatni keenya baasaa turee fi jirutti firii gochuuf har’as wareegama qabsoon karaa nagaa nu gaafatu hunda baasnee galma keenya dhaqqabuudhaan nagaa waaraa biyya kana keessatti fiduuf waadaa keenya haaromsanne.
  7. Wal-dhabbii siyaasaa biyya kana keessa jiruuf karaa nagaa fi dimokiraasii dhugaatiin yoo ta’e malee afaan qawweetiin furmaatni waaraan argamuu waan hin dandeenyeef, humnootni siyaasaa hundi qabsoo karaa nagaa fi dimokiraasii gamtaadhaan daran jajjabeessuu akka qaban yaamicha qabsoo dabarsina.

Injifannoo Ummata Bal’aaf !
Kora Addaa ABO
Waxabajjii 28, 2019


  1. Congratulations !

    As always, the goodwill of the Oromo people for the OLF is unwavering, and never fades despite the the ups and downs the organization has gone through during its long life. A great foundation of hope for our people and the organization alike! Although it is still, painfully, unclear how the OLF is planning to overcome factionalism and mediocrity that it has suffered over the past two decades, it is now positioned among the great Oromo people, and will have the opportunity to draw on the immense potential of the Oromo people as well as the resources of Oromia, and lead our people towards the big objectives, greater freedom and abbaa-biyuummaa.

    In the process, it is extremely quintessential to remember that the leadership of the OLF are doing politics in Ethiopia, where political games are underpinned by backward Abyssinian ways; complex, violent, inconsistent and delicate parlance, making the political space treacherous. The leadership of the OLF, thus forth, must work hard day and night in order to up their political games, avoiding mediocrity and attracting capable individuals to join the organization’s upper strand. Particularly, it is a must that the organization search for able qeerroo and qarree, painstakingly, and develop them to become tomorrow’s outstanding leaders, whose capability of leading this great nation will be of highest standard. You must also work hard and win over cpable Oromo intellectuals with burning desires to contribute to your endeavours to realize the dreams of our people. Equally, you must reach out to friends as well as potential friends of the Oromo people and earn more and more supports for the Oromo cause. Above all do politics, no “business as usual”. Understand the Ethiopian politics very well and play politics very well. “In politics, being deceived is no excuse “.

    With great respect for those who have given everything they can to advance Oromo interests, best wishes to the leaders and members of the OLF!

  2. It is time to move forward in organizing Oromo Youth ,intellectuals ,brave men and women to appease the desire of Oromo people .The empire political landscape trapped in hosts of problems especially the Oromo cause is in jeopardy where it has put the Oromo people in a great confusions and in a desperate situation .There is no clear Oromo political agenda either from the So called ruling party (OPDO) or other Oromo political parties.Most of Oromia zones are becoming ghost due to the Ethiopia’s PM, Dr Abiy Ahmed’s government militarization and there has been continued massacre of innocent civilians ,burning and looting of people’s property ,rapping women and mass detention in every corners of Oromia especially in Wollega ,Guji and Borana zones since last year. The condition of the last 27 years changed from worse to worsen for oromo on one hand and affiliation of big threat for existence of oromo from Naftanya extremist group who are highly organized and highly armed .Therefore ,it is time for OLF to speak out rather than choosing silence and Work out its strategy to save Oromo people .We know OLF has many enemies who lost their mind , become inferior due to their past action and lost their moral zeal to contact oromo people eye to eye and rater they choice to become bandit to abandon oromo people’s struggle.As 99% of Oromo people has one destiny that is self determination it needs concrete action from OLF

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