Must Listen: Neftenya’s Work to Strangle Oromo Struggle (Afaan Oromooti)

Must Listen: Naftanya’s Work to Strangle Oromo Struggle (Afaan Oromooti) – Video gabaabaa kana dhaggeeffadha.

Neftenyaan qabsoo Oromoo fi Oromummaa balleessuf halkanii fi guyyaa hojataa jira. Yeroo Oromoon jiraachuudhaf walgurmeessu qabu, amma.

The Neftenya TV, ESAT split into two for tactical reason. One part of ESAT aligned with Neftenya in Finfinne (Abiy wing) and the other, Ethio 360 Media, assigned to organize and operate among diaspora to systematically entice or tame those who seem critical. The two tvs pretend to be enemies with each others, but they are not even rivals. Their coordinated campaign to systematically defuse, strangle or at least confuse the Oromo struggle.

Oromo must wake up. Those who even work for Neftenya (Bilxigina) will sooner or later pay the price. It is time for them to wake up and align themselves. The ball is in their court. Don’t be taken in by crocodile’s welcome grin. You will be eaten sooner or later.

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