Nafxanyaas are Crumbling Under the Tsunami of Social Progress

Nafxanyaas are Crumbling Under the Tsunami of Social Progress

By Dirribaa Roobii, Onkoloolessa 13, 2019

The current nafxanyaa uproar has nothing to do with the speech of Obbo Shimelis. The speech of Obbo Shimeles is just a trigger nafxanyaas used to burst their mounting anger. If it were not Shimelis’ speech, it would be something else. You would know this if you had listened to what the nafaxanyaas talk about in their chat rooms. They rarely refer to obbo Shimelis’s speech: other than throwing mud at the entire Oromo people. The real concern nafxanyaas are afraid of is the unstoppable tide of change taking place in the country. The nafxanyaas are fearful of the unstoppable change is going to be permanent, irreversible, and too big of a Tsunami to greet with a gun. This Tsunami is not just one issue but a combination different phenomenon closing-in on the nafxanyaas. Let’s look at, just three of the issues that make nafxanyaas restless.

  • The Impending Inability to Influence Public Policy irritate nafxanyaas. Nafxanyaas are fearful of their shrinking political influence as nationalities, living in the Amhara Region, assert their identity and desire to be counted as their proper nationality, not as Amhara anymore. This splits earlier counts, which unfairly, swells population of the Amhara people in prior counts. Based on proportional parliamentary representation, this splits earlier counts. Consequently, this cuts to size representatives of the Amhara people and the nationality alike. This frustrates the nafxanyaas.
  • The Rise of alliance of descendants of the Kush, is on the rise. In Ethiopia, the population of the descendants of Kush make more than super majority. This worries the nafxanyaas because they foresee their political influence is going to be sidelined. This is another issue that make nafxanyaas restless.
  • The successful completion of Hora Finfinnee (Irreecha) has powerful message. On October 5, Finfinne was flooded with over 10 million people: more than twice the population of the Finfinnee city, for the Irreecha celebration. After many colorful events, the celebration ended with no incident at all. The peaceful and successful conclusion of Hora Finfinnee sends important messages to friends and foes alike. For the friends, it showed unity, solidarity, and fraternity. For enemies, it is advice not to mess with our coexistence. Oromo did not come to you. Oromo is at his/her home. You came to Oromo land. Do not to play with fire. Finfinnee is Oromia. For the nafxanyaas, I know this is the most sour taste for you to swallow. Take it anyway! It is going to be your life-saving vaccination against life threatening disease.

Each of these changes are happening at the same time. These realities are just too big for the nafxanyaas to handle. The issues raised above are only three issues that makes the nafxanyaas restless. The truth of the matter is that, it is not what Obbo Shimelis said in his speech on the peaceful conclusion of Hora Finfinnee. The speech is just a trigger of the situation. The real reason nafxanyaas are out there is the fact their future is dimming with no hope of reversing the situation.

Horaa Bulaa!

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