New Book: የተጠለፈ ትግል (The hijacked revolution) in pdf

Book: የተጠለፈ ትግል (The hijacked revolution) in PDF

Via Aba Orma, September 3, 2019
Reposted for those who could not read this book in September 2019

የተጠለፈ ትግል (The hijacked revolution)

Author: Mudhin Siraj
Pages: 152
Language: Amharic
Year: July 2019

To read more: click PDF

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  1. Oromos ownership question of Addis Ababa was not given the proper reply by the then EPRDF and by the now Prosperity Party, PM Abiy Ahmed’s government is not taking a stand on this issue which brought up all these violence which are taken mg place now. Prosperity Party is part of the problem, PP is not the solution because if Prosperity Party addressed the Oromo questions appropriately in a timely manner all these violence we saw recently could have been avoided.

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