New Book: የተጠለፈ ትግል (The hijacked revolution) in pdf

Book: የተጠለፈ ትግል (The hijacked revolution) in PDF

Via Aba Orma, September 3, 2019

የተጠለፈ ትግል (The hijacked revolution)

Author: Mudhin Siraj
Pages: 152
Language: Amharic
Year: July 2019

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  1. ye tatelefe kanahin fudhu,durumaan qabsoo qindaa’aa fu galii hin qabne.Enyu iyyuu abbaaan ana jedhu ture.
    Silaa qabsoo galii qabu ,h0pgganoota qabu tahe wareegama kafalan kana waan xinnoof lafa hin kaayan.Eenyu iyuu opdo EPRDF keechaa as bahee kuni addi kuni daalacha jedhee qabsoo galama hin hanqisu.
    Duraaniis qabsoo galma hin qabne qindaa’ina hin qabne

  2. Really the revolution is hijacked by past lovers. before answering the question of oromo people the PM creating new parties by demolishing the so called ODP. why the engine of the change agent Magarsaa Lammii ( as Hararge Elders called Him) not belive in the so called Madamar Philosophy and Bilistgina party . we oromo peoples it is a time to stand togher to solve our problems through discussion by listing our Elites unless the situation is so difficult and the worest than what happened so far.

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